Friday, June 8, 2007

A Child's Interpretation

There are only 13 more school days left.

This means that this is my last post about Medusa (I hear your collective sighs of relief). I remain heartily impressed with my students sustained interest in the Greek myths I told them this year and how they have incorporated them into their learning. The other day they returned from art class excited to show me their Medusa drawings. I was instantly struck by how each child (not every drawing is included here) utilized their unique talents to depict individual interpretations. Each one is a gem as far as I am concerned. I am especially perplexed and pleased to see that even after Medusa's head has been severed and although she is labeled "Bad", she continues to smile. I hope that kind of optimistic attitude resides and lives on in each one of my students.

Although I could use a bit of a rest I will truly miss this class.

Medusa may be bad, but she sure knows how to dress.

Medusa is not so happy here but it looks as though she can keep her head even after she loses it.

This was part of a series.

A minimalist version.

Looking like the Heat Miser in this one.

I love the flower above the door. It is that kind of detail that makes all the difference.

The one is my favorite and seems to be inspired by the statue we saw at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Reya Mellicker said...

Every one of these drawings is truly awesome! Wow.

The Greek myths have remained popular because they speak to something essential to our western cultural souls, at least I think so. They are always current, always interesting, provocative.

Thank you so much for publishing the drawings. I wish I could still draw like that.

Have a fabulous weekend, dah-link!

Bob Dylan said...

they are all good--I have to say I love the one with the flower above the door, the heat miser and the one inspired by the statue.

Pod said...

haar! i love them all, especially the second one. the look on her face. excellent! just saw your little 'follow your bliss' vid too...schweet!

Ele ^_^ said...

The last one is really nice.. You know that in children's paints the sun represent father, and the house mother ^_^

lettuce said...

thanks for sharing these, they are great, i LOVE childrens drawings. The Heat Miser is possibly my favourite - and the last one - so tall, maybe cos thats how the statue looked to them?

that letter in your sidebar is so sweet, i bet your children all love you to bits. We just sometimes get adult versions of that letter, its such a wonderful feeling.

J. David Zacko-Smith said...

I love your new little YouTube video!

Sebastien said...

Severed heads? That's awesome!

Your kids are unbelievable... I haven't been around your site in a while... the child in your class with Asperger's, has he also been drawing lately? Has he done any greek mythology drawings? I was soooo impressed by his work...

Sebastien said...

By the way, great video in the sidebar, very cool!

Gary said...

He has been drawing! With only two more weeks of school left I have been collecting his artwork to include in the featured artwork section of the blog. Look out for it during the summer months. Thanks for stopping back.

Sebastien said...

Hey that's wonderful, I can't wait to see the artwork you've collected!


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