Monday, March 3, 2008

A Retrospective

A little of this and a little of that...

This is post number 101! I wanted to celebrate my 100th but since that unexpected article came up about Hunter at the same time, I opted to celebrate him instead. My BFF Joy said that it was an appropriate representation of the purpose of this blog anyway.

I began this endeavour to express the complete bliss I found in teaching, in my students and with my journey through this amazing life. And again I have Joy to thank for giving me the idea to document my life in this manner.

Since I began, almost a year ago, this blog has taken me in unexpected directions. My coworkers (teachers and administration) regularly check in and have become extremely supportive. I think a bit of my positive attitude and enthusiasm has rubbed off. My friend Cayne, who team teaches with me at Fordham University, has been inspired to develop some research with me revolving around teacher blogs and my mom loves being able to catch up with my doings.

The biggest surprise though is the fact that there is truly a thriving, welcoming, blog community out there. I never expected that I would get lost in the lives of strangers as I read their words and followed their lives, thoughts and struggles week after week. But that is exactly what has happened.

I have met three fellow bloggers, Reya, Ched and Steve whose energy and ideas have caused me to deepen my own thinking.

I have been promised a party by graceful Scot (to be attended by 'cool, laid back', handsome Wat and clever Christopher) when I visit California.

Kimy has shared her quilting talents, Dumdad passed along an original 'dummy', Junk Thief, Joy, Mark and I are going to sip Cosmos and watch (perhaps reenact scenes from) Valley of the Dolls when JT visits NYC to film another episode of JTTV.

I'll meet fellow educator Lettuce in April when she visits these United States. My dear friend Mikey and godson/nephew Randy have started their own blogs in the past year.

I have been reminded what youthful exuberance for stepping into adult roles and responsibilities is like through writer Arielle's blog and have been challenged in my perceptions by Mona, Paul and David.

I learned about art and nicknames from Pod, traveled the world with Bella, learned a bit of Spanish from Florecita and learned the many varieties of salt from Jill. And I continue to find new friends (Ciara, Lee, Cinn, Marmite) through this medium.

Thank you all for making this such an enjoyable experience.

I am not really one to pass along awards but consider each one of you tagged with the Excellent Blogger Award! (I got this one from Kimy and Dumdad.)


Florecita said...

Wow! Im first here, to celebrate with one of my favourites 101 Daltmatians!!!!!! I had a dog, that now is in heave, Popeye Rafael... dont say a word... two names instead of just one, lol!!!!!!

Congrats on your bliss my friend... maybe will meet someday, my last time in NY was 18 years ago, maybe its about time!!!!!!


Squirrel said...

Congrats on 101 !!! and congrats for the E award--Kimy is the BEST.

Dumdad said...

Hearty congratulations on reaching 101!

I, too, started blogging after the idea was suggested by a woman, in my case my wife. I had no idea what I was going to write about or that I'd still be at it a year later (I, too, started my blog in March 2007).

You summed up how I feel about blogging with this paragraph:

"The biggest surprise though is the fact that there is truly a thriving, welcoming, blog community out there. I never expected that I would get lost in the lives of strangers as I read their words and followed their lives, thoughts and struggles week after week. But that is exactly what has happened."

You have a great blog (with a great title because we should all follow our bliss): long may it continue.

kimy said...

congratulations on 101!!! there is a sweet symmetry to 101 (and of course dalmatians are adorable just like you!)

what a beautiful tribute to all your blogging buddies! the cyberhood is a powerful place - however, I don't think we are 'strangers' but friends we have yet to meet!

speaking of meeting - I hope to meet you and the other ny bloggers in 'my hood' soon! a spring visit to the big apple is definitely needed!!

ciara said...

what a great 101st post! and to be included is really an honor :)

Joy Keaton said...

I love how you worked in all your regulars! Nicely done. :)

"Oh what's the point of a blog anyway. Why would ANYONE want to do that." Gary to Joy about 3 weeks before beginning this blog. Famous last words, baby! ;)

Christopher said...

Congrats on post #101...may there be many more to follow.

Your comments on the blog community are my exact feelings too. I was so surprised at the quality of people who much talent out there.

I am truly honored to know you and look forward to meeting get your butt to L.A.!

marxsny said...

Cheers, here's to another 101

la bellina mammina said...

Oh you're such a sweetheart!!

Congrats on 101!

And thank YOU for starting this fantastic blog of yours -it has helped me in discovering (and rediscovering) books for my kids, and that wonderful, autographed 'Puff The Magic Dragon' book which has become a nightly bedtime ritual for me and LP.

And I'm glad that I was able to take you along on my travels, albeit virtually!!

lettuce said...

haha, laughing at Joy's comment.

i'm so glad you entered the blogosphere gary, and that i "met" you, and will MEET you soon!

many congrats.

LadrĂ³n de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Congrats on #101. "101 Dalmatians" was the first movie I recall going to see with my parents.

Squirrel said...

hope you will visit Nyack one day soon!

J. David Zacko-Smith said...

Have I had no impact on your blog life at all? ;-(

J. David Zacko-Smith said...

Hey handsome! YES! I missed it because you called me DAVID - DUH to me! Thanks for the mention. I'll be in NYC in July - and even sooner if I get selected to interview at one of the schools I applied to there.

dennis said...

Dennis feels he has to meet you.

Gary said...

Florecita - I have had stuffed animals with more than three names (for example a stuffed monkey named Seth Rupert Eggstorm the III)so I can't make fun of a dog with two. If you do plan a trip to NY please let me know. Namaste...

Squirrel - Thanks. Isn't she though? Nyack may be in the future.

Dumdad - Congrats on your blogoversary. I am glad you started sharing your stories, humor and observations with the world. Oh, and your artwork of couse.

Kimy - Yes, NYC in the spring is like April in Paris. Isn't it? Well, it is fantastic as everyone seems to brighten up a bit. Ever hopeful and optimistic we are as a group.

Ciara - Ahhh, you are so sweet.

Joy - I KNOW! See what you have gotten me into? Just keep leading me to new things so that I can discover them 'on my own' at a later time and say to you "look what I found out" as you roll your eyes. Many rewards are waiting for you in the afterlife my friend. Someone must be keeping notes...

Christoper, witty, clever, Christopher - You make me laugh. That is so great. Thanks. On my next trip to L.A. (a place that I am not especially fond of) I shall indeed come knocking.

Mark - You need to catch up now that all systems are working again.

Bella - It is folks like you that I think I had in mind when I started this. I love that I am able to share these wonderful books and that someone is introduced to them through this blog. Children have such amazing literature written for them (and by them for that matter). I am so pleased that LP enjoys Puff!

Lettuce - Likewise I am sure! I need to figure out how to work bananas and ducks into a post soon.

Gregg - That is a more appropriate title than my first movie with my parents which was The Exorcist at a local drive-in. OY!

J.DZ-S - You are there but I should have used your initials perhaps. Sorry for the confusion.

Dennis - MEOW!

Mona said...

Yaaaay! I won an award at Gary's

Thank you so very much!

What a coincidence, I also did my 101 st post!


Lynda said...

CONGRATULATIONS ON THE 101 BLOG!!!! I also remember going to the movies with my parents to see 101 Dalmations! I watched it again when my nephews were small. Still love the movie today!

My Mom told me that when I was a little girl, I asked if we could have 101 Dogs too! I could not understand why my family could not have the same about of dogs as in the movie. My Mom told her "little blonde beauty," that one dog would be a better fit for our family.

Just loved being a child, no responsibilities and no worries. Our parents gave us everything we wanted, toys, clothes, jewelry-when we were older. Oh well the party has to end sometime!

Reya Mellicker said...

I'm so glad you're part of this very unique, and brand new kind of community. Here we are, connecting with each other in ways no one ever has throughout history. I love the blog realm and I just LOVE it that you are my blog kin, blog brother, and blog friend. And real friend, too.

Just thinking about our connection makes me thirsty for manhattans.

Bravo, Joy, for encouraging Gary to blog. Yay!!!

WAT said...

And 101 Dalmations came out on cool awesome DVD this past week! I prolly will be watching it soon since I love me tha puppies!

Well thanks for the kind words u good looking teacher u. I'd love to meet u sometime soon. Before my life becomes even more meaningless than it already is.


Just kidding. ;)

Arielle said...

No, Gary, thank YOU. :) Your blog is a pure joy to read and I am so glad I happened upon it when I did. Your loving spirit and zest for life are so refreshing and wonderful encounter. It's clear by all the comments you receive that you are much loved and greatly appreciated. Here's to another 101 posts!

Gary said...

Mona - Congrats to you too. It seems like so many of us are celebrating the 100th post (or there about). We are all on this journey together.

Lynda - Try to hold onto that sense of childhood wonder and the happiness that comes with being alive.

Reya - I am with you on each point. Thanks again.

Wat - Oh boy. So much to say and so little space. A meeting sometime is inevitable.

Arielle - "Your loving spirit and zest for life are so refreshing and wonderful to encounter." Couldn't have said it better (about you) myself, so I will borrow your words.

tracyho said...

Happy to read that ,

Wish you all the Best ,

Tracy Ho

Steve said...

Belated congrats on 101! The blogging community is so terrific, and the people I've met (like you) are so great -- it really has changed my life, just as it has yours.

If you re-enact scenes from "Valley of the Dolls," you MUST invite me. I know all the lines.

Excellent post on Hunter, as well. :)

Gary said...

Tracyho - Thanks for the good wishes and for stopping by the blog. Please come back, y'hear?

Steve - Consider yourself counted in...but I get to be Helen Lawson!

MarmiteToasty said...

Congrats to you :)...... Im glad I somehow stumbled through the door of your blob...... I take me hat off at the job you do with these precious children and that so humbles me...... I feel honoured that you consider me a new blob matie :).... where would this world be without maties aye?

I started just a tad over a year ago, I told meself I would not get entwinned into peoples lives and stories, but how can one not.... as peoples lives unfold before ones eyes....

Fanks for being you.....


Mikey T said...

Congrats on 101!! Its such a pleasure to read your blog because it allows a glimpse into the things that we would never have time to talk about otherwise in our all too infrequent conversations. Looking forward to 101 more (and of course a few real conversations in between!!)
Miss you!


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