Saturday, May 3, 2008

Give Me One Reason

I was walking up the stairs to my classroom yesterday after bus dismissal when my friend Marilla noticed a folded up piece of paper on the bottom step.  She bent down to pick it up and we noticed that it was a list that a student had written on a register tape.  At the top was written - List of Reasons Why I Didn't Do My Homework.  Here are the reasons...

1.  It's boring.
2.  It's not helpful.
3.  I hate it.
4.  My dog ate it.
5.  I don't have a home.
6.  And stuff.
7.  I got sick.
8.  No time.
9.  The flying monkeys took it.
10.  My cat choked on it and I didn't want to touch it.
11.  It's gay.
12.  Tom Cruise is in my closet.
13.  It was lost at sea.
14.  I'm gonna be a race car driver so who cares?
15.  My friends beat me up and took it.
16.  I was sad because I lost my friends.
17.  Umm, stuff.

I just read a magazine article with its own top ten and on that list was "blame Tom Cruise because that never gets old."  I guess they were onto something there.  

I am very curious why this was written - for fun or did someone ask for such a list?  And now that it is misplaced will the child go looking for it or do they really care?  Did they drop it on purpose?  I guess I will never know.  


Dumdad said...

Poor old Tom Cruise! Actually, he's neither poor nor old but you know what I mean.

Interesting list though.

"Just David!" said...

If it was dropped by a kid, they won't even miss it! They don't seem to have much of an attention span beyond 5 minutes from what I've experienced with my friend's children. Ha!

Joy Keaton said...

I'm going out on a limb here, but I think the list was the kid's homework. Now (s)he will have to come up with ANOTHER reason why they didn't do that homework. Damned homework. I'm partial to #9 myself, whether it works as an excuse or not, and I kinda want to meet the kid who wrote this list!

d. chedwick said...

13 is funny. I agree with dumdad...poor old TC haaa!

lettuce said...

i find no. 9 very appealing.
No.6 is, of course, a classic - who would want to be without that one?
but No. 12 is truly too scarey.

WAT said...

I have this terrible dream often, of me missing class or not doing my homework and then failing to pass a college or high school class, but in real life, I did get a Bachelor's and all, but did not continue my education, which is prolly why I have that recurrent nightmare of uncompleted school.

DAMNIT, nothing worse to me than not doing my homework or term paper or whatever. That is worse than missing a job assignment. I value school immensely!

Aileen said...

This list is hysterical!

And there's an interesting sense of wisdom in it too!

Gary said...

Dumdad - Yes, I know what you mean. I should be so poor and old (and ugly for that matter).

David - You are right. So far there has been no mention of it by anyone. My assistant principal and principal both read this blog so if anyone is in the loop on such things they are. This whole thing reminds me of a Lily Tomlin monologue from The Search for Signs of Intelligent Live in the Universe that involved a lost suicide note. Very intriguing.

Joy - Partial to the flying monkeys are you? He says as he flicks the ashes from the tip of his cigarette. I thought so. (I was going for a mood with that one but not sure I succeeded. LOL) You know how I love to give out the homework and how my students enjoy it. It's checking it that takes up way too much time.

Ched - Thanks for sharing your fav. I was trying to decide that myself but couldn't come up with one. Probably because I would have created a list that extolled the virtues of this precious task.

Lettuce - You are in good company with #9 (see Joy's pick). And you had better believe that if Tom Cruise were in my closet I would be unable to complete my homework too. I'll just leave it at that.

Wat- I have those same dreams. The classroom that I cannot find. The test that I didn't study for. The test that I have to take for a class that I never attended. Classic student dreams? Equivalent to the actor's nightmare of performing in a play you never got to rehearse.

Aileen - Hey thanks for popping over to 'bliss'. Loved dancing around the maypole with you!

J. David Zacko-Smith said...

My favorite is "it's gay" - of course!

So, you are going to see Madonna in Philadelphia? Why not Madison Square Garden? If I can't convince my friends here to go with me in Vancouver, I'll probably go in NYC! Yes, I am an ICON member!


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