Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Magical Samantha

My five-year-old niece Samantha "Sammy" is a self professed healer.

She also has conversations with people no one else can see, provides detailed accounts of the unseen things she observes and shares numerous bits of information that are just 'off' enough to make my sister wonder "is she making this stuff up or does it really exist?"

Never one to discount anyone with a gift, I recently got on the phone with Sammy and asked her about it. Our conversation went something like this:

Gary: Hi Sammy. Mommy told me that you can make people feel better, that you know how to make them feel better.

Samantha: I can heal.

Gary: (thinking 'duh' don't talk down to her. Use the right word: heal.) Right, that you can heal people. How do you do that?

Samantha: I focus my energy and concentrate and touch them or go above them.

Gary: What do you mean go above them?

Samantha: Over them.

Gary: Oh. Well, do you have to be with them? Can you heal them by thinking about them?

Samantha: Oh, I don't know about that.

She said that last bit with a genuine puzzlement that seemed so in contrast to her age. I could have been having this conversation with a 42-year-old woman rather than a five-year-old. What impressed me was that during our conversation she remained confident in her abilities (which I believe in as well) and unashamed by the possibility that this could be considered odd.

I have heard of other 'magical' children who learn to edit themselves and squelch their otherworldly perceptive gifts. I hope that Sammy holds onto hers. After all, it is not a bad thing to have a healer in the family.

There are quite a number of stories about the things she has seen - like the "bad man" in the house that scared her so much when she was two that she cried hysterically while climbing up my sister like Speedy Gonzalez or when she was four coming into the kitchen and asking my sister why she kept whispering her name...but my sister wasn't and no one else was home - and these stories do freak me out a bit. I think of The Amityville Horror or other scary ghost tales. But Sammy seems okay with it and I have decided to take my sister's advice and just go with it. I want to know more.

If there is anything I have learned this summer it is that the universe is full of unseen forces. It is up to us to learn to tap into the positive energy in order for healing of all kinds to begin. Healing of the body, mind and spirit yes, but also healing of this world mankind seems so eager to destroy.

So when I hear a child say "I can heal" I pay attention and hope it is not too late.


ciara said...

i can only imagine what it's like for a child to understand that they have a 'gift' so young. there's a show on tv called psychic kids and they're usually dealing w kids who are afraid of it. it helps them to deal w it. it's amazing how wonderful she has dealt w it.

you're right...it is freaky at times. i don't like to keep myself open to things in fear of seeing things i don't want to see.

do you ever visit crystal jigsaw's blog? she is someone w the 'gift', too. maybe you could pop over and talk w her about it. http://crystaljigsaw.blogspot.com

Dumdad said...

Intriguing. What sort of healing has she done?

tut-tut said...

Sounds like she had the ability to go outside of herself in a way, doesn't it. These kinds of abilities are magical.

lettuce said...

increasingly i recognise that healing takes place by all sorts of different ways and means. i hope your niece isn't made to feel freaky or odd, it sounds as if she may have a real gift.

My LG sees things no-one else sees - and it is hard to know how to talk to her about it, sometimes - she does also have an extremely active imagination. But children do make sophisticated distinctions between fantasy and reality. They deserve to be trusted i think.

J. David Zacko-Smith said...

What a great post, Gary!

Actually, Samantha reminds me of me - when I was younger of course (and maybe even a little bit right now). How cool is that?

Glad to see you are back at it here - I was getting worried. ;-)

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I manage to blur the line between fantasy and reality but don't know that I've ever been able to heal anyone.

Gary said...

Ciara - Now that you mention it I did see that show 'Psychic Kids' once and I thought of Sammy. From that I learned the importance of supporting her in this and not discounting it (although I guess I would have known that anyway).

And I am with you, I may be open to all of this but I don't want to see things (in the middle of the night when I am alone) either. I am sure I would freak out if someone was whispering my name or if I saw a 'lady' in the clouds who judges people.

Thanks for pointing me to Crystal Jigsaw. Interesting stuff happening over there.

Dumdad - This whole healing thing was brought to my attention when my sister related a story of how Sammy laid her hands on her one morning when she was feeling ill (vomiting, stomach pains, nauseous) and told her she was going to heal her. My sister was not really paying attention but knew Sammy was behind her, touching her shoulder. She said "I have to concentrate and focus my energy mommy". This made my sister take notice because as she told me "We don't talk like that. Where did she get that from?" After a while Sammy leaned over my sister and said "Do you feel better now mommy?" And although my sister didn't, she said "Yes, thanks honey". About 10 minutes later my sister suddenly realized she did feel better and it all had passed.

Sammy also says she healed 'Grandpa' and Ed. She has also mentioned wanting to heal a blind woman she saw at the store. She is really compassionate and tuned into anyone who may be suffering.

Tut-Tut - That is what I was thinking when she said she goes above them/over them. I tried to dig deeper into that but she just seemed confused. Maybe she does 'go outside herself in a way' but does not understand it? I want to explore this more but am careful not to say anything leading or put ideas into her head. Listening is best.

Lettuce - I'd love to hear some LG stories (there is always a story isn't there). I agree with you about fantasy/reality and how children are able to tease out the difference. I see that with the first grade students I teach. They always impress me, especially when I underestimate them, which I hope I don't do too often.

J.DZ-S - I have been away from blogging for far too long! I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of writing here and catching up on all of yer blogs. Aren't you on the East coast these days?

Gary said...

JT - As Letty states "healing takes place by all sorts of different ways and means" and healing can mean a healing of the spirit as well. I associate that with comforting I guess. I am confident that you have brought comfort/healing to others in your life.

off topic: I am looking so very forward to meeting you in September! Yippee!

Bob Dylan said...

there are so many healers in the world, but few believe in their personal power.

Barbara said...

Samantha is so lucky to have you as her uncle. She sounds like a remarkable child who should be taken seriously, but instead will probably suffer the taunts of disbelievers. Do whatever you can to nurture her healing abilities! I'm sure they are quite real.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

what a gift your niece has! I hope sammy never loses believing in it and sharing it with the world....

it is an amazing universe that we live in filled with so much that can boggle our minds....

the truth is out there....

there is just belief....

Pauline said...

Little children are deliciously unconcerned with how things look. They know what they feel and see and hear and it's all real. It's only the intervention of someone else's "reality" that makes them doubt.

Like dumdad, I'm curious about the healing she has done.

Mikey T said...

This makes me think of Peggy and Reiki. I bought a book on it, but then Peggy left us and I never cracked the book. maybe its time ... not that reiki compares to a natural innate gift, but I think if everyone spent a little more time trying to heal others rather than hurt them the world would be a much better place.

Steve said...

How fascinating! I guess the key is, we don't really HAVE to understand what's going on with Samantha. We just have to support her, because who knows where her talents and energies could lead her? (And in that respect, she IS lucky to have you as an uncle!)

WAT said...

Holy cow! This little girl sounds much more profound than any normal child her age.

Kind of creepy and fascinating. Kind of like the boy in SIXTH SENSE.

We might have an extraordinary human here!

jennifer said...

Wow that was very moving to read everyones comments. I feel very lucky to have such a special daughter and a wonderful brother.your the best. sammy will always want to help anyone.

Reya Mellicker said...

How I would love to spend some time with Sammy, show her some of the things I've learned about how to make the "bad man" in the house go away, or how to send healing over long distances.

She's so lucky to have you, to be taken seriously. By the age of five, most kids already know better than to admit to these kinds of talents.

Brava Sammy!

Bravo Gary!! So nice to see a post from you. much love to you..

Squirrel said...

Yes! Reya and Sammy should meet!

ps how is Ed doing. tell him "hey" from me.

Gary said...

Thanks everyone for you comments and insights.

Reya & Squirrel - (I feel like this is some hybrid of Moose and Squirrel as spoken by Boris and Natasha)when I wrote this post I thought of you (Reya) and how amazing it would be if you could meet Sammy. I wonder what connections would be made. I hope you do meet, maybe in the astral plane? But I want to be there when you do!

Ed is doing better. It's been almost 3 weeks since the open heart surgery and he is experiencing some pain but all in all he is doing well. I'll pass along your "hey".

J.J. - The apple didn't fall far from the tree. Your kids are amazing yes, but you are the most amazingest! (See I am making up words now to describe you.)

Wat - It is a little like 'The Sixth Sense' but she is not having any issues with it. It's really a non-issue. As far as I know she doesn't "see dead people" but I really don't know what she sees. I do know that there is a clarity there that seems beyond what her age or experience would indicate.

Steve - I just want to stay on her good side. LOL. Ya never know.

Mikey - Thanks for the Peggy shout out! I think about her all the time.

I still use Reiki on myself and others but can't send it over time or space. I have to be with the person. That tapping into the 'universal life force energy' is some powerful stuff. Maybe Sammy can tap into that without any fine tuning and such. I am hoping that Reya will let me know about her Reiki II training.

Pauline - Great line "Little children are deliciously unconcerned with how things look." You are so right. Piaget would call this egocentric behavior and I feel there is some judgment put on that. But really, how wonderful to live that way. (Please read above for my response to Dumdad.)

Kimy - Belief indeed! Mankind has argued and killed over things unseen and ethereal. How much better to focus that energy towards inner peace and enlightenment. Perhaps one day. Could it be coming in 2012?

Barbara - I shall do what I can to support her. I must say I love being an uncle.

Bob - I think we are all healers, in one way or another. Even pain can heal or at least is needed to heal. It's not always pleasant but seems to be part of the plan (ying/yang and all that).

ciara said...

gary-please take the other awards, too, and pass on freely. everyone deserves some bloggy love, right? :)

Gary said...

Has she actually 'healed' anyone as yet? I hope so, and I hope that she continues to grow her gift and not have it supressed by life's growth.

She sounds truly special.

(I found you via Crystal Jigsaw - Ciara's post on there - hope you don't mind me dropping by!)

Bodge's Bulletin.

Aileen said...

Catching up on my blog reading, and found this post to be amazing and fascinating!

This reminded me of some of my earliest childhood memories...where I wondered what had happened to my "previous life".

I think we have so much power and knowledge in us as very small children, and sometimes it is just pounded right out of us. Like everyone else says, keep supporting Sammy so she can hold on to her pureness.

Lora said...

Amazing. I'm in the camp that says "just go with it" too.

Thanks for the link, you're officially on my Reader!


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