Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Birthday Parties!

Kindergarten is a happy place and just about nothing brings more smiles, excitement and giggles than a birthday celebration.

Two four-year-old boys welcomed the big 5 in November and brought along their families to help with the festivities. These were coordinated affairs with themes (one espousing Spider-Man, pictured above, and the other trumpeting SpongeBob).

The promise of cake, games, party hats and goody-bags brings on a heightened sense of elation that is palpable. Everyone vying to sit next to the birthday boy (or girl), to sing/sign along with the familiar "Happy Birthday" song, to help blow out the candles and get a piece of the scrumptious cake. It is oh, so very lively and oh, so very thrilling.

Simple pleasures.

These happy times can also be a brief respite from the sometimes hectic, fast paced, go-go-go experience of life. It seems we are always pushing forward in one way or another. Worrying about the future, questioning past choices but rarely being present in the moment.

I think that is one reason why I enjoy teaching so much. The children remind me to be present. When I am with them there is no where else I need to be, nothing else that cannot be put on hold and for seven plus hours a day all is as it should be.

And sometimes that can make all the difference.


Sebastien said...

Awesome! That is an interesting observation about children and the present. I think I quite agree, nothing like a child to make you focus on the present, whether you want to or not, hehe...

I always loved birthday parties at school, they were so fun. Good memories. Great sense of sharing and community that went along with it as well.

Barbara said...

When I was 6 (decades ago), the cakes all seemed to come with roses on top. You felt really special if your piece ended up with a rose on top of that frosting undoubtedly made with Crisco (I lived in the South!)

I love your comment about being happy in the present moment. If you teach the children nothing more than that, it is such a valuable lesson for life.

Gary said...

Sebastien - As a twin I always shared a birthday party with my brother and I loved that. He had a chocolate cake and I have vanilla. I wish I could find some of those old pictures of our birthday parties. Birthdays still make me feel special cause it is MY day (even though I have to share it).

Barbara - Kids still want the piece with something special on top. And Crisco - Yum!

I think the kids are teaching me to be happy in the moment. Or perhaps we are teaching each other. I guess that is even better.

Pauline said...

the kids teach you as much as you teach them - oh yes! the best part of school is the kids!

Mickle in NZ said...

Ahh, the real reason Gary and Lauren switched to teaching the Kindergarten class emerges - Birthday Parties and their Cakes!! LOL

How wonderful to spend your working day so in the present moment over and over again.

As for Summer starting here in December, Xmas shooping in the heat isn't so great. Thank goodness I finished mine today.

Care and huggles, Michelle and Zebbycat

Dumdad said...

Great Spiderman cake!

Embrace the present: I try to but I'm not always successful.

la bellina mammina said...

I just did a bbq party for my 4 year old... I have always loved birthday parties. Something I never used to have when I was a kid. SO I'm enjoying organizing them for my boys.

I hope to be back soon on blog. So much going on. Hope you're well Gary!

lettuce said...

thats a fab spiderman cake

Gary said...

Dumdad & Letty - Nutritious and delicious...well delicious.

Bellina - I can imagine that you have your hands full with the boys and travel. Great to hear from you!

Mickle - Shopping via the computer makes things easier but I am off again in a moment to do more shopping. The bad part is that I end up buying more for myself than those on my list.

Pauline - I agree.

WAT said...

Maybe this is what I need to make myself happier, surround myself with kids! Dogs and kids! I like adults I suppose, but they can bring you down with their own issues or criticism.

Kids or dogs, hmmm...


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