Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sale at the Cakery

The bake sale was a sensational success!

An impressive team created of parents, family members, students and teachers brought about an event that surpassed our wildest expectations.

Thank you parents for donating and lovingly supplying the cakes, cookies, pies, muffins, donuts, cupcakes and bread.

Thank you students for unparalleled cooperation that was nothing less than spectacular.

Thank you to the customers (parents, students, staff, friends) who visited our classroom in a steady stream for two hours!

Thank you to our student teacher Sara (celebrating her last day in Kindergarten) for taking charge of collecting the money and ensuring that the kids actually - sometimes reluctantly - gave change to the aforementioned customers.

Together we raised over $100 dollars!

When we return from vacation we will decide what to do with this hard-earned money.

It looks as though we will donate the majority of it to a worthy cause (which one has yet to be determined and shall be chosen by class consensus) but a small portion will be put towards a class event (a trip to the zoo is a very popular notion).

Preparing for the bake sale spanned across academic areas over the week. We used multiple literacies to create ads (in American Sign Language and drawn/written), sort and classify goodies, arrange the layout of our display, create labels for our take-out bags and decide prices.

What a pleasure to see our kindergartens assuming their roles in this community based project; serving and handling food in their chef hats, aprons, gloves and mustaches, working together with jaw-dropping alacrity and moving with such purpose.

One visitor, impressed with what was taking place, said that this is the kind of experience that should have been taped for PBS. I agree Stephanie.

I am so proud of them!

Below is our Cakery ABC book (a work in progress...)


lettuce said...

this is wonderful and the book looks brilliant so far

This reminds me again how much is wrong with our friggin' National Curriculum over here, with its "Maths hour" and "Literacy hour" and "science hour"
(and no room for art or fun)

something like this can do it all!

hope you're having a great Easter.

Joy Keaton said...

I like "K" the best! Adorable.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

what fun, wish I could have been a customer.

the abc cakery book is fabulous - so letters are so delightful, enjoy the ones with the kids and kitchen utensils

as my initials are k and y i particularly enjoy how serendipitously perfectly these letters are paired!! I look forward to when the project is complete!!

hoppy easter!!

Gary said...

Happy Easter Letty! It is brilliant when the strands of curriculum blend together seamlessly instead of being approached as separate entities. It takes some preparation to do this however and it is not always easy (as you know). I do think it is a tad easier in the younger grades because of the way the educational system operates but hopefully passionate educators are slowly bringing about a change.

Joy - I thought of you when I chose 'S'. This is the one letter we neglected to finish so I had to improvise. Consider you my inspiration.

Kimy - Hilarious! It is a happy coincidence that 'K' & 'Y' are your initials. I love it! Perhaps it was a bit of your energy flowing through the classroom.

Barbara said...

What an excellent learning experience! This is the sort of thing that prepares kids for LIFE, where they will need planning skills, rapport with their clients, the ability to make change, and a good sense of humor.

The ABC book is adorable. You should consider getting it published and selling it to parents, relatives, friends, and anyone else who wants a unique coffee table book. (My husband knows about how to publish it if you need help.) I'll put my order in now!

Steve said...

Woo hoo! I love the book!

Arielle Lee Bair said...

The photos are great! You must have some really hard working kids. I would have bought a ton of baked goods! I hope you'll let us know what charity they choose, and I hope they make it to the zoo. Rewards like that are always so much more fun when they are earned by such hard work.

Gary said...

Barbara - We have had some suggestions about how to make our book into a book but they all seem like strands of ideas that are floating in space rather than concrete formulas. I will shoot you an email when we are ready for that step so you can lend a hand. Thanks.

Steve - and I love when people go "woo hoo"!

Arielle - I'll let you know what we decide. This can be another fantastic learning opportunity as we all share our ideas and provide reasons for our choices. But no matter who gets the money you can bet that a trip to the zoo is in our future.


hello again, gary. this is really amazing. i will include this activity for the next school year. (yay!)


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