Sunday, May 2, 2010


Although we continue to play in our classroom Cakery our next exploration is underway. It may seem like an odd choice but the students voted and decided that they wanted to learn about...


Two weeks ago we went to visit our first hotel - Hotel Giraffe. We took pictures and scrutinized the inside of the hotel. All the students made observations like: a hotel has a doorman, flowers, a woman who asks about bed size and an eating area.

We also drew pictures from our first hotel visit. Those sketches are going to help us plan the hotel set-up in our classroom.

This past Friday we set off to see the W Hotel armed with a big question - "Why do people go to hotels?"

Going inside the hotel, we made more observations. One child noticed that they had dog food by the entrance so we inquired and found out that some hotels are pet friendly!

Another noticed that the doors had slots for key cards. Someone saw carts for luggage and we all peeked inside a meeting room. One student made some inquiries at the front desk and we learned that 80% of the people who go to hotels are business people and 20% stay for pleasure.

We walked away from the beautiful hotel and exceedingly friendly staff with some yummy green apples and even yummier information.

One student cinched it when she said that hotel people want to be nice to us.

Note: This post was written in collaboration with guest blogger, Lauren! :)


Dumdad said...

What a great - and useful - venture to do with the kids. It introduces them to a whole new world.

willow said...

Interesting, the 80/20 split.

Joy Keaton said...

What a riot! Hey, do you want that door number from the MGM Vegas? I still have it... maybe the kids could use it?

Barbara said...

I love the way you are giving your young charges lessons for life! It's nice to know how a hotel works before checking in for the first time...

Gary said...

Dumdad - I was surprised that this topic got the majority of the votes and even more surprised to discover that some of the students didn't know a thing about hotels. It is shaping up to be a really interesting topic.

Willow - I know. I wonder if that split holds up at other hotels.

Joy - Got it! Thanks. I am going to share this with them on Friday when we begin to set-up our classroom hotel lobby.

Barbara - Who knows we may have a hotel manager or concierge in our midst. Another Leona Hemsley or Donald Trump perhaps who will link it all back to kindergarten.

MarmiteToasty said...

I'll fly over and become the first guest in your classroom hotel :)

soooo...... get some marmite in lol



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