Saturday, November 13, 2010

What Do You Know? - Trippin'

My life is full of blessings.

They include teaching, friendship, children, love, family and laughter.

There are many more. And as we state in church "it is right to give thanks and praise".

On this journey through life I am happy to have my best friend Joy walking by my side to share the good & bad and to continuously broaden my perspective.

She makes me laugh.

In our latest podcast entitled Trippin': Class Trips and Children's Books we guessed it!  Class trips and children's books.

You can listen by clicking here. As always we invite your comments and feedback.

That's what we know!

1 comment:

Angella Lister said...

it is wonderful to walk through life with such a friend. it may be rarer than we know. and one who shares your passions, too? Well, it is a blessed thing.

I love that photo of you both. You look happy and connected. Will be back to take a listen to your podcast. in the meantime, happy Sunday!


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