Saturday, June 11, 2011

Welcoming the Hummingbirds

Three summers ago I broke down crying, while sitting in my car at the end of the driveway, talking to my mom on the phone.  After weeks of "being strong" the emotions would no longer remain contained.

My father had just come out of surgery but I couldn't be with my family because someone I love at home was also in the hospital with a heart infection. The pain of not being with my parents and the worry of losing someone close overtook me.

As I blubbered to my dear mom, who was still holding it together, I looked out my car window and saw a hummingbird.

In that moment everything seemed to change.
I felt calmer.  I felt hopeful.  I felt that everything would work out and I would know peace again.  I grabbed my camera out of my messenger bag and took the photograph posted above.  (If you click on it to make it bigger you can see the hummingbird more clearly.)

Since that day I have been watching for hummingbirds every summer. And they appear with regularity.

Today I saw my first hummingbird of the summer.  According to my extensive research (I googled it) Hummingbirds are "considered to be symbols of peace, love and happiness. They teach about self-discovery and healing. Hummingbirds also serve as a symbol for accomplishing that which seems impossible and will teach you how to find the miracle of joyful living from your own life circumstances".

How cool is that?


Angella Lister said...

this is such a beautiful and healing post. now i too will look for hummingbirds. thank you, dear gary.

Dumdad said...

Lovely blogpost. I couldn't see the hummingbird to start with but on enlarging the photo there it was. Exquisite.

Pat Hatt said...

Interesting indeed
About what they stand for in your read
Even more interesting is how it actually happened before you knew
What they stood for and could do
Nice little serendipity events
Later make a lot of since
Nice pic too
Now back to my

Gary said...

Angella - It is probably more challenging to find them in NYC but if you do let me know.

Dumdad - I couldn't believe that I was able to capture this little guy who moved so quickly. There are advantages to always keeping a camera with you. You can't plan for these moments.

Pat Hatt - You did it again! Okay, I can't think of anything that rhymes with again that will fit here but thanks for the smiles.

Barbara said...

It's incredible that something so small could provide so much relief. I have long been fascinated by these tiny birds whose wings move so fast they are barely visible. Every time you see one, you will remember what a difference that little bird made on a day when you were so sad.

Gary said...

Barbara - It really is kind of incredible. We have trumpet vine growing in the backyard (which is also growing on the front lawn in the picture I posted) and the hummingbirds are very attracted to it. I have seen a hummingbird this weekend almost every time I have looked out of the window. It never fails to excite me. So cute.

Lorenzo — Alchemist's Pillow said...

... and they can fly backwards ... and they have the fastest known heartbeat of any creature, over 1200 beats per minute! ... very cool indeed.

Betsy said...

Aw, yes! That is a very cool experience you had there! Those little things don't happen too often, but when they do, they fall right into your lap just when you need them and you KNOW it was a sign to you. Lovely story!

Hilary said...

They are wonderful little birds and I believe strongly in those messages which appear just when we need them the most. They are indeed life-changing.

I've been lucky enough to get some wonderful photos of hummingbirds up at a cottage last summer. I never tire of seeing or photographing them.

Gary said...

Lorenzo - Lovely to see you! I love when you drop by. I forgot about the flying backwards. I wonder what makes a hummingbirds heart race faster? Love?

Betsy - Those moments are a gift. Life is probably full of them but they go unnoticed. Maybe it is easier to take notice when in despair? I am just glad I picked up on it at that moment and grateful for it.

Hilary - I would love to see your photo! I have a simple little camera. It is nothing fancy. I took a few shots but wasn't even certain that I captured the little guy. It wasn't until I viewed the pictures on my computer that I saw him (her?) there among the Trumpet vine. I considered that fact that I got such a good shot while shooting blindly another gift.


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