Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Adding a Limb to the Family Tree"

Lauren is pregnant!

We have been partners for the past 8 years, working together, side by side, day in and day out for longer than our students have been alive.  Team teaching with Lauren has been a truly edifying experience.

Of course the news brings about changes for us - perhaps.  Once she holds that baby in her arms I fear I will have lost her but oh, what a joyous reason for a hiatus from teaching. We'll see how it plays out. At any rate, I'm sure that all she has expereinced the past 8 years in the classroom will only make her a more insightful mommy.

As the school year came to a close we knew we had to share the news with our students.  Since we are moving to first grade with this class in the fall she didn't want them coming back to a big surprise (she is due in December).  But how would we tell them?

I thought for a moment of pulling a Lucy and having them sing until the message became clear but Lauren decided to read them The Baby Sister by Tomie dePaola. This story centers on the birth of Tomie's little sister and his feelings about being a big brother.  When we finished reading a little girl, as if on cue, asked "why did you read us that book?"

This opened up the perfect segue for breaking the news (don't you love when that happens?).  The children were very excited.  Some didn't really seem too surprised.  I suspect their parents may have let the cat out of the bag because a few had already commented on the changes occuring to Lauren's body.

This is an exciting time.  A new chapter in the life of a young family. I love it!


Gloria C. said...

Gary, reading your blog is always insightful and it reminds me of why you're such a great teacher, mentor and just an all around great guy. I am honored to know you and extremely thankful that you were a wonderful teacher to my hooligan squad, lol. We desperately need more teachers like you.

Barbara said...

Congratulations to Lauren! If she chooses to take a break from teaching, I'm sure you will miss her terribly, but I am also sure you will welcome your new teaching partner and create another successful team. Change sometimes allows us all to grow.

Pauline said...

What great news for Lauren! She must be excited! A baby does indeed change everything - it will be interesting to read about your next school year. Will she start the year with you?

Angella Lister said...

Wonderful news. I understand your little kernel of worry about having to make another team work, at least during Lauren's maternity leave, but you are such a gifted teacher and all around good soul, I am sure it will be fine. Congrats to your work wife! (Pssst, she won't want to leave you permanently either!)

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Congratulations to Lauren! Send her my regards, and I enjoyed meeting her when I visited your class. Hard to believe that was almost three years ago!

Gary said...

Gloria - Thank you so much for your kind words. It was such a pleasure to teach your children. I have a soft spot for Christian because he was one of my first students and was such a sweet, sweet child. That was so many years ago and now he is all grown up. That went quickly, didn't it?

Barbara - As much as I am concerned about the changes in the coming school year I am also curious to see where they take me. I am just happy that I have had the past 8 years with Lauren.

Pauline - She is very excited. She is starting the school year and is due in early December. I think it is exciting for the students to experience this. Such a bonding experience for us all.

Angella - Thank you. I call Lauren my work wife and her husband smiles when we say that.

Gregg - I will tell her. Hey, I think it is time for another visit. BTW, we are still enjoying the book you donated to the class.

Lauren said...

Gary, Gary,

I love your blog. I love reading about your journey as a teacher because I have traveled along your side for the last 8 years. You are an amazing teacher and person. I thank my lucky stars for placing me with someone whose bliss is actually contagious in the classroom. I love how you make the children laugh as they learn. You have influenced me in every aspect of my life, and I look forward to sharing your bliss with my baby.
With much much love,

Gary said...

Lauren - xo see you in August.


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