Sunday, December 25, 2011

Real or Fake?

I am walking to class with my students on Friday morning when this conversation takes place...

Child: Is Medusa real?

Me: No.

Child: Is the Cyclops real?

Me: No, the Cyclops is not real.  These are all myths, stories that people made up a long time ago. None of it is real.

Child: Are reindeer real?

Me: No.

Child: WHAT?!

Me: What did you just ask?

Child: There are no reindeer?... So, is Santa Claus real?

Me: Oh, I'm sorry.  I wasn't paying attention.  Yes, reindeer are real.

Child: (visibly relieved) Okay.  Is Santa real?

Me: What do you think?

Child: I think he is real.

Me: Well, okay then.  Go hang up your backpack.

That was a close one.  The subject did not come up again - Thank goodness!


Angella Lister said...

reindeer aren't real????!

good save! happy christmas!

Barbara said...

That was a close call! I love those years when they want to believe so badly. I will never forget when I learned the truth about SC. Christmas was never the same after that.

Did Santa come see you last night? :)

Gary said...

Angella - I was safe with the reindeer question but Santa?! I have been constantly reminding the kids that the myths I have been telling them are not true - they want constant reassurance so they don't freak out. So, I was in a different state of mind when this new topic was sprung upon me. Eek!

Barbara - Santa was here and there are still things to open tonight so the excitement lives on...

I like the way you put that "they want to believe". It's so true. They can begin to see the logistics of it which would seem impossible but aren't ready to give up on him just yet. I think belief can be a choice. You can choose to believe even when you know it's not true (in this circumstance anyway).

Ms.M said...

Although I'm 30 already and this year got my presents really early I spent the whole day yesterday tracking Santa on NORAD!

It's the spirits that is still very much alive. I have a hard time with the Santa question too. Not because of Santa but because my student come from so many cultures and background its hard to have one clean cut answer. Especially when there is one stinker in the bunch saying otherwise. I pretty much answer the way you did. Nice save.

Have a very merry Christmas. I appreciate and enjoy all your inspirational tales. I look forward to many more in the year to come.

Ms. M

Anonymous said...

Gary, we need to have a serious talk about myth, Joseph Campbell and the source of your blogs name. Shared with love, a big hug and wishing you all the best for the holidays.

Hilary said...

I found that exact question "What do you think?" to be very helpful through the years. Nicely done.

Steve Reed said...

Whew! :)

Thank goodness you didn't say, "Yes, reindeer are real. People eat them in Scandinavia!"

Gary said...

Ms. M - My niece, who is in her early 20s, was keeping track of Santa too and then telling me where he was. When I was little they used to do this on the radio. It was so exciting.

Gregg - I would LOVE to have that conversation with you, Joy and some Tequila.

Hilary - I have learned that sometimes it is best just to listen and turn it back on them. I'm just glad we arrived at the classroom at that moment so I could change the subject.

Steve - I would love to have seen the looks on their faces as they processed that information!

Ms.M said...


When I was little it used to be on the radio too. :P Although it was not something my family did. TV was more of what we did.

I found out something new about you. Your a "Whovian". What is that? A Doctor Who fan. I am too!!! HUGE fan, and although the new Doctor has grown on me David Tennant will always be my fav. Who is yours?

Ms. M
Ms.M's Blog
A Teacher's Plan

Gary said...

David Tennant is my favorite doctor as well but I think it may also have something to do with Rose and the relationship they had. I just watched the new Christmas episode last night. Sweet.

Ms.M said...

I love Rose too. Jack is a fav as well.

I saw the new Christmas as well. It was, as always great, but last years, Christmas Carol, was my fav.

I think I have strayed away from your post original point. Sorry. :/

Ms. M
Ms.M's Blog
A Teacher's Plan

Gary said...

Last years Christmas special was my favorite too. And I LOVE Captain Jack!

I think we could make an argument for this line of thinking being a match for the "Real or Fake?" theme. Afterall, my friend Joy thinks Doctor Who is Santa Claus.

Ms.M said...

I had don't thought if it before but I think Joy is really on to something. :D I mean he could travel to every boy and girls house leaving gifts in the Tardis, easy. Somehow I just don't see red as his color though. If the suit were Tardis blue absolutly.

Did you ever watch Torchwood when it was on BBCA?

Ms. M

Gary said...

Of course! But I like Torchwood better when they were back in the hub with the old team. It's not as good now.

Ms.M said...

Oh I completly agree. It lost something when it came to the States. It's not bad but it is SO excruciatingly slow. Every week I'd watch and I think "ok an hour went by and I'm still at square one". :/ But I'm loyal to John B and Russel T Davis.

I did watch Rose/ Billie in "diary of a call girl". She was great you would love it. That is if you haven't already seen it.

I'll tell what I reallly wanted to watch but never did, Tennant as Hamlet in the RSC. I heard it was great.

Did you know we are losing Pond next season? I hope we get some more of River. I like her a lot too.

Ms. M


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