Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Create Your Own Planet

My first grade class just completed an in-depth study of our Solar System that was inspired by student interest.  Within this unit my students learned how to research a topic, synthesize information, write interesting, focused books and share their finished work with an audience.

The commitment and excitement surrounding this effort was truly impressive.  However, there were times when I wished I could allow for a bit more play. A bit more imagination. A bit more fun!

So, when they thought of creating their own planets based on their learning I immediately thought of children's book author Todd Parr and his book Create Your Own Planet.  It is a 240 page Doodle and Draw book that asks children things like, "what makes your planet special?" and "what does your planet look like when you see it from space?"

This project seems like a natural extension to our nonfiction study but budgetary issues forbid me to purchase this book.  Therefore, I have put my request for 12 books up on DonorsChoose.  This is a "wish list"  web site for public school teachers that allows anyone (family, friends, strangers) to support classroom projects through tax deductible donations.

If you are interested in learning more or contributing please click here. Everyone who donates receives handwritten thank you cards from the children along with photographs of them enjoying the materials.

*Update (4/12/12) - This project is now fully funded!  A huge thank you to Cortney, Steve, Robert, Barbara and Todd!


Ms.M said...

Ha I am so late to the party. Missed my chance to contribute. I have been lucky enough to have a few projects funded by DC. It is a wonderful resource. Glad you got your project funded.

Ms. M

Gary said...

Thanks Ms. M. DonorsChoose is such a great program. I am grateful for my friends who contributed and excited to get the books to my students.

Anonymous said...

I didn't really know much about Todd Parr until recently, though I knew some of his graphics but not his name. I love some of his YouTube videos. Especially the book about underwear.

Gary said...

Gregg - Todd's videos reflect the fun, positive outlook of his books. He is incredibly kind and follows up with his readers (as you already know from Facebook) and is simply an all around fantastic guy. I'm glad that you discovered him.


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