Sunday, March 24, 2013


Lo, it is quite challenging for my Type A, "I can do it all" Superman mentality to welcome the forced prioritizing  that comes with completing a dissertation.  It is difficult to gracefully accept that some of the multi-colored balls I try to juggle (or the plates I spin) must meet the pavement in sacrifice to the greater good.


There goes another social get-together (Happy belated Birthday dear friend!)


Hardwood floors gather dirt, dust and dog hair as I spend my weekends doing quick "sweeps" with my socks whilst walking through the dining room with a coffee cup trying to construct the perfect sentence to describe the way culture influences reading development.


The sorrowful tap of my wee little blog standing out in the rain looking in through a misty window waiting for an invitation to enter.

I hear you - all of you!

I suppose that's why vacations were invented.  To catch up on all of the things we neglected during our dawn to dusk ritual of daily living.

NYC teachers are just entering into spring break with seven school days off to pick up the discarded balls and cracked plates.  That amounts to one, large collective sigh of relief.

My plan is to complete the proposal for my dissertation which I have been writing, revising and editing since September.  It is a slow, arduous task but one that has been buoyed by the advice of my friend Nancy who told me to take it bird by bird.

Eventually I will reach my destination.  I wonder what I will find once I arrive.  I imagine I will continue walking towards yet another unexplored land.  But for a while it'll be nice to view my surroundings from a spotless home full of friends and family.


Angella said...

I can see you with that coffee cup lost in that sentence untangling itself in your mind. Such is the process. Enjoy. But its nice to see you too.

Gary said...

Yes, the process of writing can be so gratifying and so frustrating. But there is nothing quite like expressing yourself exactly the way you envisioned it. Sometimes that happens in an instant and sometimes it requires walking around doing other things. I think I need a little more of the instant variety.

la bellina mammina said...

Hello there!

Have missed catching up on your blog.... Looking good. Keep in touch!

Gary said...

Bellina - It is always wonderful to touch base with you. Thanks for checking in.

Steve Reed said...

I hope you had a good (and productive!) break and you were able to catch up on extra-curricular life! :)

Gary said...

Thanks Steve! I was so productive. Work really gets in the way sometimes :)


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