Sunday, May 25, 2014

Making Books with Kids

Once upon a time teachers had many opportunities to share ideas through professional development, scheduled classroom visits, weekly grade meetings and creative bulletin board displays.

Nowadays, professional development is virtually nonexistent, classroom visits are not encouraged, grade meetings are a historical relic and bulletin boards have become a meaningless chore.

But thankfully educators (and parents) are a tenacious crew. We've found other ways share ideas?  One way is through the blogosphere.

Last week I read a post in HALLWAYSKIRSTEN about a beautiful project that unfolded just downstairs and down the hall from my classroom.

Who knew?

The project--Making Books WITH Kids--was a collaboration between an amazing kindergarten teacher and a motivated parent.  In her post, Kirsten meticulously documents the process from inception to publication.

I applaud Kirsten, Michelle and all of the young writers.

Thanks for sharing!

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