Saturday, September 19, 2015


The website for my new literacy project Broadway Books First Class is now LIVE!

Building a website is a breeze these days.  I am grateful for the hours I spent creating this blog. Follow Your Bliss gave me a strong background in the finer points of editing, placement and design.

It also helped that I had a clear vision for the Broadway Books First Class site.  I knew what I wanted to include and how I wanted it to look before I started.

I am excited to build content with each visit to showcase the fact that educators can fight against the lack of funding for the arts in small ways.  We can make a difference.  All it takes is an idea and the right people will find you.


Lisa Burman said...

Congratulations Gary! It's going to be exciting to watch (even though from afar) Broadway Books grow and evolve over the year.

Gary said...

Thank you Lisa. I am curious to see where it leads as well. Can a Broadway Books First Class Aussie tour be in the future?


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