Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Creative Farewell

We have had a student teacher from Teachers College, Columbia University as part of our classroom community since January 22, 2007. Jenny has been an incredible addition to our class but alas, the time is approaching when she will leave us.
In order to prepare the students for this, she searched for a book that would encourage a discussion around this topic. She wanted the students to ask questions (if they had them) and become mentally ready for the day when she would stop coming to teach them. Unable to find a suitable text she created one with another student teacher at our school, Mary.
Together they wrote an 11 page story that she read to them today. Each child will get their own copy to bring home. I am impressed! I want to share a few pages here...

Jenny will be with us until April 27, but I already miss her inventive ideas, motivation and warm smile. She's a natural!

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Eddie said...

this was a really good idea.


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