Sunday, April 15, 2007


My students are amazing writers and I simply cannot resist sharing some of their stories. This one is based on the story of Odysseus. Ask any of them to tell you about his journey to Troy and the adventures of his return voyage, then make sure you have a while to listen. They are experts!

They sat in rapt amazement as I told them about Circe, the Cyclops, Helen, Paris, King Menelaus, the Sirens, Queen Penelope, Telemachus, Athena, Hermes, Zeus, etc.

There is a reason these stories have lasted so long.

The story below was written in early January. It tells the story of Odysseus and the cyclops, Polyphemus. The child's retelling is accurate and follows a logical order. At the time of this writing he was learning to put spaces between his words. His current writing reflects growth in this area.

I especially enjoy this story for the artwork.

Cyclops eats bones. People ran.
(Notice the hair and the "let's get out of here" expressions)

Cyclops eats people.
(The circle to his left is a boulder signifying the entrance to his cave. Cyclops looks happy. I love the eye!)

Men were all over the cave.

Cyclops sleep. Odysseus put the stake in cyclops' eye.
(Notice that his eye is closed. Also, the size difference between cyclops and the men.)

Cyclops mad.

(Notice his hands are on his face. Not such a big man now, huh?)

End. Cyclops take a nap.

(The door to the cave is open, the sheep are getting out and the men make their escape.)


Bob Dylan said...

Nice that it ended with a nap, too.

Joy said...

holy crap this made me LAUGH! I love that Cyclops is still smiling with a stake in his eye! Talk about optimism!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that cyclops is something else... I remember making these little books when I was a kid.

Brendan said...

That's an excellent retelling of the story. As father to a special needs kid and a fellow Campbellite, I want to complement you on your blog. It's going onto my blogroll.

Pod said...

how cute. i like the popl's hair
i bet you get a lot of satisfaction at work

marxsny said...

We were both right! Euripides did write a play called "The Cyclops" which is based on the events as depicted in the class drawings. I think the original production had a different wigmaster though.

saralibrarian said...

great story for sequencing!


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