Saturday, July 28, 2007

Snapshots of Mexico

I am what can be identified as a Type A personality; motivated, energetic, on the go, perfectionist, over-achiever and hyper. And I do not normally come down from that easily. When I went to Hawaii back in 1992 (pictured above) it took literally six days for the air, landscape and sun to weave their magic and settle me down. I felt something inside me click off and from that point on I stopped my agendas and schedules and settled in.

This has pretty much been the modus operandi for all of my excursions whether it be backpacking through 17 European countries, revisiting France, exploring Savannah or tooling around Key West or Los Angeles. Go, Go, Go!

Mexico was different.

Perhaps it was because Joy and I had planned on doing nothing, which is still a plan after all.

La Posada del Capitán LaFitte (our Mexican host) is a paradise without much contact to the world outside; no computer, cell phone or TV to distract us from the simple pleasure of just being.

Upon arrival we dropped our bags at the reception area, headed down to check out the beach and then settled in at the poolside bar for a daiquiri or two while they prepared our room.

When it was ready I plopped down on the bed and took a nap. The sounds of the ocean outside our window accompanied by the steady breeze proved too tempting to resist.

Of course, we did get in a few fantastic experiences. Horseback riding on the beach, side trips to Playa del Carmen and the ancient ruins at Tulum (which included a jaunt to a local cenoté).

The time was otherwise spent reading, napping, writing in our journals, getting massages (from a very POWERFUL masseuse named Jasmine), playing pool, swimming, watching the sunset and rise, eating, drinking, chatting, sitting quietly and hanging out with our new, very good looking friends Cal and Cindy from Colorado.

Since my return I have found it difficult to muster up my usual energetic demeanor. Maybe this time the trip worked in reverse. Instead of taking a week to settle down it'll take me a week to get back to my usual pace.

Is this what a true vacation is all about? So, in keeping with my new found 'relaxed state' I shall dismiss a detailed description of this voyage and refer inquisitive readers to Joy's blog where such information can be found.

This is my favorite picture. It seems so intrinsically Mexican --- a blend of architecture, landscape and religion.


Florecita said...

Your pictures are great, too!!!!!!!! I'm gonna post tomorrow night about Guru Purnima and put some pics of it!


Joy said...

I'm gonna have ta get me one a them dresses. M'kay? ;)

Considering I took that picture of you from a moving horse, backwards. . . it came out pretty damned good, huh?

Dumdad said...

Thanks for letting me share your holiday vicariously. It sounds like just the sort of holiday (sorry, you say vacation!) I'd love. Great pix too.
Oh, and I loved the piccy of the Corona beer bottle. I like this beer (super-chilled) and often drink one from the neck in my backyard here in Paris.

la bellina mammina said...

sounds like a fantastic vacation - drinking, dining, playing pool, swimming, reading, etc, etc...So much fun!

MONA said...

Wow! That sounds like some super vacation.

I just love the pictures

& isnt using the pen for a change so much pleasure?

I'm glad you had so much fun! :)

la bellina mammina said...

btw, come by my site and pick up your award! ;-)

WAT said...

Well hombre, glad ya came back in one good relaxed piece. Love the pic of ye riding the caballo. Too awesome.

I'm kind of oddly turned on by you writing in that journal or whatever too. Ahem.

Yeah yeah, so glad yer back, and yes, vacations are supposed to be about just chilling. Glad you finally learned the lesson!

lettuce said...

oh lovely lovely pics, what a great holiday.

you look very dashing.

(but in a relaxed, holiday sort of way, not a dashing about sort of way...)

marxsny said...

Sometimes when I get going I often think that it would take an elephant tranquilizer to slow me down. Nice shoes in the Tulum picture BTW, are those Kenneth Cole?

Junk Thief said...

All of those photos are great. I must say I very much agree with WAT on the journal writing shot. Makes me wish I were there.

Steffi said...

Fantastic pictures!Great post!

Steffi ;O)

Reya Mellicker said...

The church is great but honey you are so so so so gorgeous! Sitting there, writing in your journal. Wow!! Love you looking out to sea, too, and of course the pic of the two of you, too.

So glad you truly relaxed. Thanks for sharing the pics. They are fabulous and so are you.

Gary said...

I first off have to thank Joy again for the pics (or she'll have my head...LOL) and get with the program and get myself a digital camera -- although I do enjoy the old fashioned kind with film that needs to be developed.

Florecita - Great Guru Purnima photos. I wish I could read your posts though.

Rub it in dumdad..."in my backyard here in Paris". That sounds so much better than my backyard!

La Bellina - may I thank you for the schmooze award. That is something I can get behind.

Mona -- funny you should mention the pen issue. Joy and I were discussing this in Mexico. It seems that my hand cannot hold a pen anymore...I get all crampy and my hand slips down the pen. We were extolling the positive points of gel pens with nice grips. But yes, it is nice to go back to pen and paper.

Wat, Junk Theif, Lettuce and Reya keep it up and you'll give me a swelled head. Not that I mind it at all! :)

Hey Mark good eye. Yes, they are Kenneth Cole Fisherman Sandals from your closet! Thanks, mate.

Steffi - Danke! Thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

eres muy caliente y guapo en el burro.
hasta pronto y muchos besos,

J. David Zacko-Smith said...

What a great trip - and great pictures (you have nice legs, too). I did enjoy Mexico. I'm in the process of planning a trip to Puerto Vallerta for next summer - I'm going to rent a house and invite friends. I know what you mean too - it takes me a few days to wind down, and then wind back up when I go away and come home. Your time away sounds super - and I think it's really good to go with "no agenda" sometimes and just "be". Bravo!

Mikey T said...

Its funny how when I returned from Europe I was still getting up at 8 in the morning and running around all day for days in LA. But after getting back from Palm Springs this weekend, I have not had the desire to do very much at all other than keep relaxing!! I think our bodies do fall into the mode they're used to and it can be hard to break free of. My solution? Going back to Palm Springs for 3 more days this weekend to "follow the bliss" that I found there. Wish you could join and revel in your calm and serenity before diving back into life headfirst....

Pod said...

listen at all the flirts!
ooh gary!
and look at you in the 90's!
tee hee

Gary said...

Pod -- you make me laugh.

Mikey -- Palm Springs again. How about Greece?

Thanks JDZS!


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