Saturday, October 11, 2008


Sometimes I get so excited by things that I feel compelled to share them on me wee blog. Usually what I choose to share is related to a new children's book discovery or some compelling happening or observation from my teaching life. But today I want to share a unique and interesting bit of jewelry.  

My friend Joy recently began creating necklaces using Scrabble tiles. In addition to seasonal items like ghosts and jack o' lanterns (which I purchased for my three nieces and all were lovingly shipped in individual little organza bags with a personalized, hand crafted note) she also custom makes tiles with the American Sign Language alphabet. 

The pendants are available with your choice of colored background as well as backing letter. Simply write a message 'the the seller' to dictate your preference.  I just love this idea because it is a) a novel way to promote conversation about ASL b) shows support for the language and c) makes a beautiful piece of stunning jewelry in its own right.  

Joy is slowly building her stock with more holiday pendants and scenic landscapes. You can check out her offerings at Joyously Alive Creations. I am encouraging Joy to make some Curious George pendants that can be coupled with some chains for the men folk - perhaps leather or the kind of chain you see with military dog tags.

Well, maybe the men folk would choose something other than my favorite little monkey but I am confident that Joy will branch off in interesting, creative ways. So, if you check out her Etsy offerings and can't find anything that speaks to you keep checking back - ya never know.


Reya Mellicker said...

How cool! Thanks so much for an encouraging post here at the end of a week that's got me (and many others) reeling.

The jewelry is very cool!

Love to you ... and happy weekend.

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Joy is very appropriately named since that is what she absolutely is. I'm glad I can now say she's not just a virtual friend but a joyously alive woman I've now met and whose yummy birthday muffins I've had the pleasure of consuming.

ciara said...

very cool and creative! :)

Barbara said...

How very cool! It's such an interesting way to incorporate the ASL in the lives of the hearing population. Sort of like a crib sheet around your neck!

Aileen said...

Thanks for sharing this! And how generous of you to promote a friend and to promote a great idea...

J. David Zacko-Smith said...

Very cool! Also cool is that I have a very good friend named Joy, too! Thanks for your comment on my blog as well - I needed that - I'm having a rough time of it this week, and am feeling kind of lonely.

WAT said...

This is pretty cool stuff. Market this baby and make millions!

Damn, we're having amazing weather here in L.A. today.

Joy Keaton said...

Um... Did I forget to thank you for the free advertising? Thank you!

Now about that trip to Mexico... ;)

Mona said...

That is pretty innovative and cool!

& I love that Robinson letter in your side bar! :)

Pod said...

hey gazza! hope all is swell

Mikey T said...

i wonder if my friend ever considered having a "TINA" necklace made for any of his friends who love Ms. Turner? Hmmm ... :)

lettuce said...

that is such a cool idea!

ha, isn't it funny, almost everyone else has said that too. I wonder when/whether/if the word "cool" will become seriously uncool?

tho LG, who is way cooler than me, would probably spell it "kewl"...

Pod said...

that's rad dude
i love scrabble letters. i have a little project invovlving them on the back burner. hope life's treatin' ya nice

Gary said...

Poddy - I'm honored! Two comments on the same post? You must really like Scrabble tiles - :) You have me curious about your Scrabble project. As for life...things are moving along and going well. I continue to challenge myself while taking periodic breaks from it all as I strive for balance and meaning.

Lettty – My, aren’t you the observant one. There is a lot of ‘cool’ being tossed about in connection to these necklaces, but hey, they really are kewl. Perhaps LG would enjoy one of these bad boys to hang around her neck. Joy can take your request ideas.

Mikey – Do I sense a challenge? Let’s see if your friend steps up to the plate. (Joy are you getting this?)

Mona – I love that Robinson letter too, especially since he was a very difficult student when he was in my class. He is a testament that perseverance and kindness pay off in the end.

Joy – You’re welcome. You certainly are persistent!

Wat – Millions? Wouldn’t that be a hoot. I think hundreds is even pushing it. How about tens of dollars? LOL.

J.DZ-S – Transitions are difficult. I hope things feel more like home soon.

Aileen – I know, right?

Barbara – I think the ASL tiles make a great conversation starter. It seems that everyone I meet has some interest in ASL and is eager to share their knowledge of it. The odd thing is though that beginner ASL classes ignore the alphabet. I’m not sure why but maybe they assume that everyone comes in with that knowledge. I never got a clear answer to that question.

Ciara – Just like you.

JT – I kinda like her too.

Reya – We have had some ups and downs over the past weeks. As the election approaches I am hopeful that some of the craziness will die down and we can look forward to celebrating President Obama.

la bellina mammina said...

Thats cool and very creative! I'll be checking it out - good idea for gifts..

I spotted something - "message 'the the seller' " ;-)

mouse (aka kimy) said...

as a scrabble-holic I LOVE joy's jewelry!! thanks for the head's up...

I hope next time I'm in nyc I'll get to meet this joyous alive friend of yours!!!

how very wonderful!

Salty Miss Jill said...

That Joy is lovely, talented AND crafty, isn't she?


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