Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Farewell to the, I want to write horrific but perhaps will tone that drama down a bit - how about...less than stellar, fading year 2008.

I wish you all a fantastic new year of health, happiness, kindness and above all else - love.

A year to 'follow your bliss'.

I have never been one to make new year's resolutions but this year I think I'll give it a go. As Reya often writes "onward and upwards".


Barbara said...

I'm convinced that each of us can make a difference in 2009. Maybe we needed a wake-up call!

Happy New Year. I hope 2009 is a good year for you!

tut-tut said...

I'm hopeful; a first in a long time. Happy New Year to you!

Femin Susan said...

wishing you the same.
Happy New year.

Janie said...

I was snooping around and found your blog and enjoyed reading it.

Happy New Year!

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Nice blog you got here. Happy New Year!

Gary said...

Barbara - A wake-up call. I think we have gotten that and have simply been hitting the snooze alarm. I, for one, hope to wake up a bit more this year. Happy New Year!

Tut-Tut - Hope is possibility. I'm hopeful for a peaceful 2009, but we'll see. Here's to a wonderful new year.

Femin - thanks. Happy New Year!

Janie - I'm glad that your snooping brought you here. Come on back now, y'hear? Happy New Year!

Todd - And Happy New Year to you! Thanks for reading.

Pauline said...

Happy New Year to you as well!

Meandu said...

Yes, we should all make it a year to follow our bliss. I enjoyed my visit here.

Mona said...


I really want to follow my bliss ;)

Happy New Year to you & Super Mom & your adorable nieces etc.

WAT said...

I vow this year to be more internally optimistic as the world around me crumbles, because the stress of 2008 was starting to take its toll on my health.

I do hope we can finally meet in 2009, have a few cocktails, dinner, go see a show/movie, get married, build a house together, adopt a few pets, ER! HUH?

OOPS! Getting carried away here!

Yes, I shall follow my bliss...


mouse (aka kimy) said...

have a most sublime 09!

i've never been one to make n.y. resolutions, but coincidentally i've decided to give it a go this year!

best of luck to all of us!

love and blessings to you - will definitely see you in 09

Pod said...

hope your new year is full of ons and ups

Working mum said...

Happy New Year to you to. I will keep reading. I love your observations on your pupils' development.

Reya Mellicker said...

I don't know very many people who enjoyed 2008. It was a good year for me, far better than 2007, but I do look forward to 2009.

And for you? May 2009 bring all the best of everything to you!

much love,

Sue Woodruff... said...

Hi Gary,
I love your blog. It is inspirational. I am also a teacher (now retired) but I work with middle and high schools on adolescent literacy issues. I'll continue to follow your blog this year. Have a wonderful 2009!

lettuce said...

and to you too dear gary!

and me too with the resolutions - never have before, but can't stop myself this year

Gary said...

Wow, it is sure wonderful to see so many new faces/names commenting on my last few posts. It must be the 'run off' from Reya's recognition as a Blog of Note (well deserved Reya). And of course, thanks to my blog kin for continuing to come back to read about my journey in education (and life for that matter). I do appreciate it.

Best to all of you in 2009!

Poddy - There you go again. LOL.


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