Sunday, December 14, 2008


Sammy's Angels.

My magical niece Samantha continues to amaze me. Last night she handed me a piece of paper on which she had written the names of her angels.

4 angels who watch over her.

Of course, I wanted to know how she knew their names. Sometimes her answers to these metaphysical questions are very vague while at other times they are so matter of fact "duh" that I feel silly for even having asked. But for this question she simply said "They told me".

According to her, the angels Kyle, Simon, Lennon and Joshua are with her during the night and if she pretends she is asleep she can catch a glimpse of them. They only tell her their names - no other conversation occurs.

I asked her if everyone has their own angels. Her reply, "Yes". However, according to her, your angels rotate and move on to help others. So the four angels who watch over her today may or may not be the same four next week. The angels are there for many reasons including to "protect me from the bad angels" (fallen angels?).

I asked her how I could find out the names of my angels and she said I could ask. As I lay on the futon last night I did just that. I opened up my mind to this question and let the answers come uncensored. Several interesting names came to me but when I awoke this morning only one name stuck out; Tony!

Tony does not seem to be an angelic name to me. I told Sammy this morning that I asked my angels to tell me their names but could only remember one name. I expressed doubt about an angel named Tony.

Gary: I don't think there is an angel named Tony. Don't you think that is a weird name for an angel.

Samantha: No, that's not strange.

Gary: Oh, okay.

What does one say after that?

She is so matter of fact about all of this. It seems as natural to her as a blue sky and green grass.

The extraordinary aspect of this is that her family are not church going folk. Good and bad angels? How would she know about this unless she knew about this, you know?

Give it a try tonight. Ask your angels to reveal themselves to you by name and let me know what names come to you. Utterly astonishing.

Update: My sister, Jennifer,  recently asked Samantha to describe one of her many angels and Sammy told about the angel Raphael.  She said he was a teenager with long hair and was holding something like a sword or an ax. So, Jennifer Googled 'angel Raphael' and discovered that Raphael is the archangel of healing.  Given the fact that Sammy is a self professed healer (she recently healed her kindergarten teacher and has great confidence in her ability) the coincidence was rather amazing.  That coupled with the fact that he is described as "a young man carrying a staff" is cause for goosebumps.

One of the images I found when I Googled 'the archangel of healing' was the picture on the right of Raphael guiding children safely across a bridge.  This is one of my favorite images and I have a copy of it hanging in the bedroom.  


J. David Zacko-Smith said...

What a delightful story -- and I most certainly DO believe in angels. ;-)

Hope to see you in NYC!

Barbara said...

I would love to meet my angels as I sleep. I'm convinced of late that I do have at least one looking out for me!

Sammy and Reya would have a lot to talk about...

Dumdad said...

How fascinating. I don't think I've got any angels sitting on my shoulder but who knows? I like the idea of angels on a rotation basis too. That seems fair. Tony the angel - I think that's rather nice!

Pauline said...

I wonder how your class of marvelous artists would depict their angels... or Tony, for that matter.

When I was a small child I had a secret companion called Flower Patch. She lived in my mother's garden and I could see her and converse with her plain as plain. She may have been an angel to the flowers there. It seemed so to me.

Joy Keaton said...

I'm pretty positive I don't have any angels hanging around here... unless you count Basil. Tony, huh? I'm not even touching that one.

That Sammy's a hoot though. Lennon? Gotta love it.

Reya Mellicker said...

Tony is a great name for an angel. Isn't there a theater award named Tony? What a perfect angel for you.

Samantha is really the greatest. Write everything she says down before she gets old enough to become self-conscious about her mysticism, yes?

She's lucky to have you around, taking her seriously. Oh yeah!!

Aileen said...


I think you are right...I think Samantha really knows!

lettuce said...


i shall try this

tut-tut said...

I'm giving this a try; your niece has had some very interesting things to say, hasn't she? Listen and write it all down.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

I've always believed in angels.

your samantha is wise, insightful and seems to possess many special gifts!

why would an angel not have a name like tony!

have a magical and blessed holiday! xxx

Aileen said...

OK...I asked, just as I was going to sleep last night.

As I drifted to sleep, my mind was filled with images of flowers. Specifically orchids.

And I was told her name is Felicity!

Is that even a real name or just the name of a character once played by Keri Russell? (And a show I've never seen.)

Anonymous said...

my son told me he had 2 angels --when he was two he said an old lady sat in his room at night (in the rocker that was in there) to watch him sleep. then a year later he said he had an "outdoors" angel he was a boy named James and was always outdoors. Years later he said he still felt them around him. Some kids know their angels! Sammy should definitely meet Reya --two very magical ladies!


Gary said...

J.DZ-S - See you on Monday!

Barbara - I went through an angel phase a while back. Remember when they were all over the place in popular culture? I heard and read about people who have experienced their angels before and the many ways they can manifest in our lives. I wouldn't doubt that you had an angel of your own, looking out for you.

As for Reya and Sammy meeting...wouldn't that be one heck of a dialogue!

Dumdad - Did/do Princess Perfect or Brainbox ever mention angels?

Pauline - Funny you should mention the kids and their drawings. On Monday one little girl in class went out of her way to show me a picture of an angel that a friend of hers had drawn over the weekend. It is the season and all for angels but the timing was certainly strange.

Joy - Oh, Lordy. I didn't even think of the name in any other context. I'm not touching that one either.

Reya - I guess that'll be the closest I'll ever get to a Tony. My theater days are (probably) behind me, but you make another good connection. I hope you get to meet Sammy soon.

Aileen - From what I read when you are in the presence of angels there is a flowery scent. Felicity seems to me like a fantastic angel name, but what do I know. I love that you gave this a go. I Googled angel Felicity but only came up with the TV show. Still...who knows. Isn't it amazing what we can discover when we open up our minds and ask the right questions?

Letty - Keep me posted...

Tut-Tut - There is so much more too! I really should document it all but I think there is a bunch of stuff that goes on that I don't know about. Hopefully my sister is documenting more of this.

Kimy - Sammy does seem to have something going on. She certainly is fascinating to chat with. A magical and blessed holiday to you as well.

Squirrel - I guess my limited scope of one guardian angel per person needs some revision. I like the idea of angels all around. But I tell you if I looked over and saw an old woman in my rocker I would probably have a heart attack. I guess I've seen too many horror movies.

WAT said...

Your niece is a trip! Too cute. LENNON! My favorite name of her 4 angels, and the one name I would choose for my son, if I ever have a son in this lifetime that is.

Ya know, I dreamt long ago that I saw my mother soundly asleep in her bed, and saw two very robust strong angels, one on each side of her bed holding swords. Pretty intense and awesome vision of her guardians.

I'll have to meditate on my angel or angels I suppose sometime soon and get back at ya. I live in the CITY of ANGELS tho. Go figure.

Val said...

hi came here from Reya's. Loved this. Children are so fresh. I will try this tonight....

Anonymous said...

my cousin told me that when she returned to her cabin in the woods after her husband died (she was going to bury his ashes in the woods there) she looked up and saw a male angel on the roof holding a sword-- A very Biblical looking angel. She stopped and stared and wished someone else was around to see it. He stayed there as she went in and out of the cabin, and the next day was there again as she buried the urn. She said she thought she was losing her mind at the time.

Salty Miss Jill said...

I will. :)

Gary said...

Wat - I thought you would like Lennon. Both you and Anon describe angels carrying a sword. Powerful images. Reya (in her Angels) post wrote about the many forms of angels. They are all not the little cherubs we see so often. Lately I have been trying to tap into the angel energy. It is rather odd to think that I am not alone when I am alone. What unseen angels are around me?

Val - Thanks for clicking the link and coming over to explore "Follow Your Bliss". Please let me know if your angels speak to you. I wasn't expecting to become so invested in this topic again but it really sucks you in. So much to ponder...

Anon - Wow! I wonder how I would react in such a situation. Either run for the camera, try to communicate with the angel, fall on my knees or wet my pants. Thanks for sharing this story.

Jill - I wonder what your angel(s) is(are) named. Let me know if one comes to you.

dennis said...

Dennis has an angel named Larry.

dennis said...

or Laurence .

ciara said...

you're niece is very special :) she has a gift and it's great that she's not afraid of it.

Mona said...

Like I said in one of my recent posts, Children know, but they do not know that they know...

I've a good reason to google Tony now :)

Mona said...

Merry Christmas to Gary & his super mom & family!


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