Thursday, June 25, 2009

Signs of Summer

Summer will officially begin for me late tomorrow afternoon when the last day of the school year is complete.  

Teaching is an amazing way to spend your days but part of being a teacher is taking time during the summer months to refresh.

I plan to do just that.  

This will be my first summer in 13 years of teaching that I will not be teaching either summer school (elementary) or teaching college students.

To kick off the summer season Lauren and I created another short American Sign Language video to highlight some of the words that you will probably be using as the temperature rises.  

In this video we focus on the words - sun, hot, beach, vacation, summer & fun.

We also provide three sentences in ASL using these simple words.

So, put on your sunglasses, blow up the beach ball and enjoy the ride.


Jennifer said...

fantastic clip!

Barbara said...

This is so cool! I can imagine you are going to miss seeing each other and seeing your kids over the summer. But I'll bet the time away will mean you come back renewed and ready to jump into Fall. (I expect to see a Fall is Fun video in September!)

mum said...

Have fun at the beach!

Gary said...

Thanks Jennifer!

Barbara - Every year I think it is going to be so horrible without seeing the children who have became such a part of my life. But, the days fill up and it is never as bad as I anticipated. I have the cushion of knowing that I'll see them in a few months. As for Lauren, I hope to see her over the summer. She is simply the best.

You too Mum!

Barbara said...

Remember you have an open invitation to be a guest reader in DC if you ever want to be reminded about reading to kids. They would love you too!

Maria said...

Happy Summer!

Love the new blog post....some of my favorite words!

The two of you look so good together.

Al said...

Gary - Enjoy Summer! The video shows you are ready, sunglasses & beach ball!

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Happy summer. It is hard to believe that those kiddos I met at the beginning of their school year are already heading out for summer break.

lettuce said...

hi Gary - i've missed so much here!

have a great summer
have FUN

Arielle Lee Bair said...

Enjoy your summer, Gary! You deserve a nice break, even from the thing you love most. The kids will miss you I'm sure!

WAT said...

Oh what fun it is to watch you two again!

Yeah so on my trip to New York City later this summer (crossing fingers it happens) we'll head out to a nice rooftop and get a nice tan! I could start doing this now here actually since our temps are starting to climb slowly, we're in the 90s now, soon to be 100 I'm sure.

Have an awesome summer over there back East yonder! You got time off right?! YEEHA!

Gary said...

Thanks everyone!

So far, two days into the vacation, I am enjoying the sun, my family and relaxing.

Wat - I am already working on the tan & have another 8 weeks to perfect it! Looking very forward to showing you around a bit and providing some northern hospitality.

Sebastien said...

This is what I hear from friends that are teachers, summers are NECESSARY to recuperate!!! Hope you are able to rest up and enjoy it.

Sebastien said...

Very fun video by the way! I like the sign for sun, way cool.

Barbara said...

Great Clip!
I agree with Sabastien summers are NECESSARY to recuperate!!!
But there is a Morning period I go through knowing those little sweeties will never be mine again. Is that strange?
Anyway enjoy your summer and Happy 4th of July to you and Lauren.

Gary said...

Barbara - I always feel that way too. It is difficult to let them go but thankfully I get to see them throughout the school day. Still, it is never the same is it?

Enjoy your summer as well. I will be teaching kindergarten next year so we'll have that in common. I will be checking your blog for ideas!

Sebastien - It is really a pretty sweet deal ~ 9 weeks off! As for the video, we are getting very comfortable accepting our first efforts these days. I am like a weeble on this one wobbling to and fro. In the old days Lauren and I would have done another take to keep me from moving so much. However, the vid makes me smile too.

Elizabeth said...

Great blog! I hope you'll consider adding it to the aggregator at Deaf Village ( -- we'd love to have you as part of our community!


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