Sunday, June 21, 2009

Closing Ceremony

Hurray for the "47" Alumni Association for ensuring the closing ceremony of the ASL Festival was an enjoyable event for all of us. Thank you!

The Alumni Association was integral in ensuring the presence of guest performer Robert DeMayo (pictured left) who told stories relating to his experience growing up as a Deaf child & brought our students onto the stage to perform in a series of entertaining skits.  

I don't want to give away his act but there was a bit about riding a roller coaster that had my class in stitches.  To see them cracking up like that was so precious to me and I knew when I saw their faces that the program was a success.

Throughout the week each class also participated in an Open House. During scheduled times we would visit one another's classrooms to see student work. For some this meant sharing ASL videos which were projected in movie theater fashion and for others it meant sharing their writing, drawings, artwork, class projects or photography.  

There were some surprises. One student shared a book she wrote and illustrated. Her drawings were so amazing that (I hate to admit) I didn't believe she created them. So, I asked her to draw something for me on the spot (see picture on the right). As she drew she gave me a detailed step by step description of the process. She is so talented! 

I am going to invite her to my class this week to teach my students how to draw.  I envision it will be like those late night art lessons I used to watch on television when I was a child.  

I am sure that the coming week will feel a tad depressing because the excitement is over. However, I like to think that it is really just a beginning. I hope that the celebration and focus on American Sign Language and Deaf culture will continue.  Perhaps in our monthly Spirit Days and hopefully in another ASL Festival next year.  

Thanks again to everyone who worked so hard to make this a success!  xoxo


WAT said...

Oh, she seems to have a cool drawing style all her own. Interesting. Speaking of roller coasters, I used to ride them so easily when I was a teen, but it's a lot harder for me to handle them now in my adulthood.


Gary said...

I went to Six Flags a few years ago and went on all o the roller coasters and it ended up not being so much fun. All the movement made me sick to my stomach and my neck was aching afterwards.

I guess roller coasters lose their charm for the elderly.


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