Monday, September 7, 2009


Several weeks ago I began to have the 'teacher's nightmare' as I comfortably slumbered all snug in my bed.

This is when I began to realize that my glorious summer was coming to an end.

The teacher's nightmare is similar to the actor's nightmare wherein everything that could go wrong, does. In my case anxiety manifested in a couple of repeated dreamland scenarios.

Such is the first day of school and I can't find my classroom. I am wandering the halls and either can't remember what class I am supposed be in or can't locate it through the maze of hallways. Or I show up unprepared or think I am teaching kindergarten but find out I am scheduled to teach fourth grade instead (this really did happen to a friend of mine).

I am sure that I will find sleep difficult tonight as a mix of excitement and worry keep the sandman from sprinkling his magical dust in my ever blinking eyes.

There will probably be some New York City public school children out there experiencing the same feeling tomorrow night. I had it as a child anticipating the first day of school but who knew my teachers were going through the same thing?

Wish me luck...


Barbara said...

If we didn't experience the first day “jitters” we wouldn't be any good at what we do..
Have a GRrrreat first day!

Dumdad said...

All good professionals - actors, sportsmen etc - have first-day nerves. It means you care passionately about what you do.

Sweet dreams!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

as soon as you saw the smiling faces of your new group of kids I expect any jitters vanished immediately!

ditto to what dd said!!

you are the best......maybe this year I can get tag along on another field trip!!

MarmiteToasty said...

GOOD LUCK.......a little late but the thought is still sent with love...


Gary said...

Thank you Barbara. The first day (today) with our students was amazing - exhausting but amazing. I forgot how short their attention span is coming into kindergarten. It is quite different from how they arrive for first grade, which I have taught for the past 6 years. But it is wonderful to be back teaching K (I think this is my 5th year as a K teacher, but obviously not in sequence).

DD - It is crazy to get all worked up isn't it. I suppose you are right...passion has its downside. I actually overslept my first day (set-up day, no students) because I was up all night planning in my head and when I finally fell asleep it was so deep I didn't hear the alarm until 6:30! But all worked out well. I still made it in time and today I was up at 5:00 like a good boy.

Kimy - You are so sweet. You are also right. The smiles on these kids is magical. Even the few who clung to their moms and dads, shy and crying, were precious. One little girl hung on to Lauren so tightly that when Lauren took her arms away the child was still clinging to her (arms around her neck, legs around her waist). But even she was smiling by the end of the day.

I'd love to have you come with us on another trip. Kindergarten classes do not go to the Metropolitan but we already have awesome tickets to 4 or 5 shows at The New Victory Theater. I love that place!! More trips to follow I am sure.

Marmite - I truly appreciate your comment and kind words can never arrive too late. So far, so good (see above). Thanks again!

Country girl said...

Wonder if you ever read this book, First Day Jitters?
I read this book to my class today. Its a cute book.

Cindy G.

Gary said...

I do not know that book Cindy but if it is okay with you I might pop over to your room tomorrow to borrow it. Thanks for the tip!

lettuce said...

wishing you luck Gary, tho i know you don't need it.

I sometimes get those sorts of dreams...

WAT said...

First day jitters. After all your years of experience, it's kind of sweet/cute that you still get them.


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