Sunday, November 22, 2009

Learning Centers: Writing

I was reading the teachers guide to our math curriculum (Everyday Math) and came across an idea for a math center to make writing numbers more fun for children.

The idea was simple. Simply scoop some finger paint into a Ziploc bag, zip it closed and bam!

Instant fun!

We gave it a go and it really is that simple. In addition to number writing we encouraged the little ones to write letters as well.

We took it one step further by putting the bags on the light table so it really pops.

Please note: pounding on the bags with your fist is perhaps not the best idea.


Barbara said...

This is such a COOL idea! I wonder if we could do this at the shelter where I read. How messy is it? Could the bags be somehow permanently sealed? Is there such a thing as washable finger paint?

Gary said...

Barbara - It is not messy at all. Finger paint is pretty thick so it does not run like some thinner paints. And the finger paint we have is washable. I imagine it would all be given the nature of its use. BTW, I have your Wild Thing crowns just sitting here. Sorry I haven't mailed them yet. Can you shoot me an email with your address.

Mickle in NZ said...

What a great idea that works so well in execution. I want to play with those bags or colour too.

This class of littlies being taught by Gary and Lauren are having such a wonderful time with their learning and discoveries!

Gary and Lauren - you are each and both such WOWs as teachers.

Sending care and huggles to you two, two very gifted teachers,

Michelle in Wellington, NZ (snoozling snoring from my Zebbycat)

Sebastien said...

Ingenious, love the idea! You could do some fun art projects with this too I bet.

lettuce said...

what a great idea - i shall spread the word about this one


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