Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Very Hungry Squirrel

Our inventive school librarian had another brilliant idea when she began immersing our students in the works of children's book author and illustrator Denise Fleming.

During this author study one book entitled Lunch caught the fancy of our students. In this book a hungry mouse eats his way through lots of delicious foods.

Using this book as a model the children decided to write their own story in the style of Denise Fleming.  The result is a book about a squirrel who eats his way through lots of delicious foods (sound familiar?) They titled the story The Very Hungry Squirrel.  

When the writing was complete we took this project to our artist in residence from The Children's Museum of the Arts.  Together the children created drawings to accompany their story using different materials and requiring skills 5-and-6-year-old children need practice with - like cutting.

On Monday we went back to the library where Sara (the aforementioned librarian) introduced us to VoiceThread.  Using VoiceThread we were able to record the children reading their book in both voice and sign.

Great job kids!


Dumdad said...

Excellent! You certainly make learning fun.

Pauline said...

What a great story - the ending was perfect! I liked the way the squirrel changed shape and acted so squirrel like while eating its way through the book. Well done!

Barbara said...

Absolutely amazing! The kids must get such a kick out of seeing this multi-media result of their efforts. They will never have any fears of technology!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

ah a hungry mouse and a hungry squirrel - sounds like two must add books to the mouse's library.

how about those crazy squirrel cages at teardrop .....

Gary said...

Dumdad - There are many hands involved in our learning play to keep it interesting for the children and for ourselves.

Pauline - At one point I wasn't sure where the kids were going with this story (jumping from tree to tree?) but they brought it back in the end.

Barbara - I hope to do more with incorporating technology into our classwork. The kids have no fear of this at all and are already at ease with the computer. It is amazing.

Kimy - I had a great time with you yesterday! I look forward to seeing the pictures you took at Teardrop and around town. Enjoy the show tonight!

Angella Lister said...

What beautiful talented kids and how excellent to have their creation exist in both book and video form, and narrated in two languages. You're a wonderful teacher, Gary. Lucky kids.

Gary said...

Angella - Thank you! I just love hearing their wee voices reading. After a week away from them I look forward to diving back into work tomorrow. I am sure they are full of stories!


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