Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Science Fair

Congratulations to our young scientists.  Our submission, entitled What is Biodegradable?, to the PS347 Science Fair resulted in a Best of Show ribbon!

The Best of Show title encompassed three criteria; student presentation, poster exhibition and use of scientific methodology.

Although we thought the kids did a fantastic job both Lauren and I were a bit shocked when the winner was announced.  We didn't expect that children this young would take best of show when entries ranged from kindergarten to 6th grade.

What we did...

1. We chose pieces from our lunch.

2. We each had 2 cups and filled it halfway with soil.

3. Then we buried the food item in one cup, a non-food item in the other cup and labeled both cups.

4. We filled the rest of the cup with more soil.

5. We watered the soil and let it sit by the window for three weeks, watering it occasionally.

6. On the third week, we put on gloves to protect our hands and covered tables with newspaper.

7. Next we dumped the contents from each cup and looked at what happened.

Some observations about the food items...

"The apple broke up."
"My cracker melted."
"It became part of the dirt."
"Broccoli is biodegradable!"
"I have nothing."
"My pizza became little. This is disgusting."

The children recorded their observations in words and/or drawings.  We also had the food and non-food items available for others to view during the science fair.

A trophy will be awarded on May 6th as part of the GO GREEN! Spirit Day celebration.  Thank you judges!  You made a bunch of children very happy.


Angella Lister said...

Ooooh i love this!!!

Congratulations, and how you must have inculcated a love of science and exploration in the kids! I love that they know the word "biodegradable."


Barbara said...

This is really great! It just shows you don't have to be old or extremely wise to do something noteworthy. I'm sure the kids will always remember being Best in Show!

What a great way to demonstrate what BIODEGRADABLE is !

Gary said...

Angella - I love that they are using this word like it is no big thang. I guess they haven't learned to be intimidated by words yet, and I hope they never are.

Barbara - So true! They impressed me. They always do. I have the best job in the world! To be amazed every day - how fortunate I am.

Lynda said...

I wanted to Congratulate you and the students for placing Best of Show in the school's Science Fair on April 26th! The submission titled, "What is Biodegradable", was outstanding and a great effort for the class!!!!

Great Job!

Pauline said...

What a great experiment! So glad you're teaching such young children to be careful of our home planet!


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