Saturday, September 24, 2011


I have been rereading the book Kidwatching: Documenting Children's Literacy Development by Gretchen Owocki and Yetta Goodman in preparation for the Master's class I am teaching at Fordham University and am once again stuck by the message in the preface.

I am sharing it here for all of those passionate teachers out there and encourage you to give this book a read.

I am the teacher who is committed to discovering what each of my students knows, cares about, and can do.

I am the teacher who wants to understand each of my student's ways of constructing and expressing knowledge.

I am the teacher who helps my students connect what they are learning to what they already know.

I am the teacher who respects the language and culture my students learn at home, and who supports the expansion of this knowledge at school.

I am the teacher who knows that there are multiple paths to literacy, and who teaches along each child's path.

I am the teacher who is committed to social justice and to understanding literacy as a sociocultural practice.

I am the teacher who believes that each child can teach me about teaching, language and learning.

I am the teacher who believes in the interconnectedness of language, learning and life.

I am the teacher who supports children in writing I can! on their wings.

I am a kidwatcher.


mouse (aka kimy) said...

from a fellow kidwatcher - thanks so much for the head's up - i am off to see if i can get this at the library, if not i guess i'll be ordering it! sounds terrific.

i love fostering a love of books and word play in the children who i share a world with!!

miss you! gotta get a trip in to nyc!!!!

Gary said...

Kimy - We are going to The MET again on October 20 and December 7 if you'll be around then I'd love for you to join us. We had fun with you last time.

Until then keep kidwatching!


Barbara said...

You are definitely that teacher and more! One of these days when I come to NYC I'm going to come visit your class.

Maybe you should write a book!

Gary said...

Barbara - I would love both of those things (a visit from you and to write a book) From your keyboard...


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