Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One Man's Treasure...

An enthusiastic child excitedly explains his writing to another student during writing workshop...

S: I had a dream I was going to Saturn.

R: That's not a dream. That's a nightmare!

This probably shouldn't have cracked me up as it did but the tone in the second child's voice definitely had a tinge of "what are you, CRAZY?!"

I went to sleep.  I went to bed and I did "zzzzzzzzz". I dreamed about I was going to Saturn. I was playing on Saturn.


Ms.M said...

Very cute! I am still working on just labeling our pictures.

Ms. M
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Steve Reed said...

Ha! Just shows how one person's idea of excitement is another person's dread!

Angella Lister said...

oh, i love the spelling. it's so right. "jrem." of course.

(now i'm missing when my own two spelled like that.)

Gary said...

Ms. M - They really are too cute. And the writing process is so interesting. One day labeling pictures and the next telling all kinds of stories. Brilliant!

Steve - Exactly. I'm not sure I would like to be playing on Saturn either but this boy makes me see how it could actually be fun.

Angella - He is still in that "j" for "dr" phase that I didn't even realize was a developmental thing until about five years or so ago. I know what you mean about missing things like this, I was sad when my nephew could pronounce his r's correctly. I was no longer "Gawy".

Barbara said...

I'm surprised that a child this young knew about Saturn! When we were growing up those invented spellings would have been ridiculed. Fortunately by my children's time, they were encouraged. My daughter, who was and is an excellent student, never excelled at spelling. I recently saw a box of computer cables in her room upstairs that was marked "Printer Chords." I knew exactly what was in the box! Isn't it all about communication?


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