Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Gift From NASA

This afternoon I checked my mailbox at school and pulled out a package from an unknown sender.

"What could this be?" I said to my coworker as I examined the package, noticing it cost $8.83 in postage (signifying, of course, that it must be important).

And it was!

Inside was a sweet note from Rachel at NASA stating that she found my request for Solar System materials on DonorsChoose and thought she'd send along some of NASA's space-related materials for my classroom. She also offered to send more because "we're here to help!".


I cannot wait to get to school tomorrow to show my first grade students the posters of Titan, Voyager, Saturn (Jewel of the Solar System) and Jupiter or the set of gorgeous lithographs depicting our Solar System in glorious color and detail.

Each lithograph contains information about the planets, moons, comets, meteors, asteroids, Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud with Fast Facts and Significant Dates.  The posters provide lessons and activities for children in grades 1-4 and grades 5-8.

She also sent along a CD of educational materials, bookmarks, postcards and a list of "Cool NASA Websites" such as...

NASA Homepage

Solar System Missions - Cassini to Saturn and Juno to Jupiter (Fantastic! Check it out)

NASA Science Web



Solar System Exploration Website

And many more.

A great big thank you to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Keep it coming!


Barbara said...

I always thought about NASA as a bunch of geeks caught up in their scientific pursuits, not caring people like Rachel, who took the time to invest in future generations, who might in fact become astronauts!

Look at what you unleashed with your call out to the universe!

(I have missed being here!)

Steve Reed said...

Cool! What a great resource that DonorsChoose web site has turned out to be!

Angella Lister said...

you are such a good teacher. i loved the comment you left on my blog a while back about being energized each morning at the thought of what you could teach your children that day, and the privilege of that. it's such a beautiful way to feel about one's work. you are a gift.

Gary said...

Yippee! You have found your way back. I missed you darling! I hope your heart is mending a bit more each day and you are remembering happy times with your pup.

I sent a thank you email to Rachel saying she made my day and she sent back an email telling me my thank you made her day! It is a mutual admiration society. The kids were so excited with the materials and I LOVE that right up to the last day school is exciting for them (we have 8 days left).

Steve - I know, right?! I love the thought of unexpected gifts arriving from strangers.

Angella - blush-blush and thanks! My thought with that comment-which I'm not sure I ever made- was how wonderful it is to know a grade so well that each day is an unfolding towards a larger picture. Every day counts and every day is exciting for me because I can see the small moments and the bigger picture. I am really in heaven when I am sitting in a classroom with my students and we are all totally engaged with whatever it is we are doing. And when that something is taking place in ASL I am really over the moon.

Gifts are all around us. You are certainly someone who knows and relishes that. xo

Ms.M said...

How FABULOUS! I love gifts from strangers too. Lol I have had two projects funded and then thought... "I don't know what to ask for next." So I've been stalling. Though I am thinking of asking for some small readers to replenish the books that go in my students browsing boxes. Actually that is a fantastic idea. Thanks for inspiring me. Now I just have to write out the project and promote it. :/


Gary said...

Brilliant Ms. M.!

I love when teachers inspire one another. And isn't summer the best time to actually put a plan into action when we are not so exhausted?!


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