Friday, July 6, 2012

One Door Closes

That's my classroom on the last day of school - Wednesday, June 27, 2012.

Room 201 provided a happy sanctuary for me lo these many years but alas the time has come for a change.  After 9 years it is time to move on. I'm not moving far, just next door, but the move holds a significance that belies its simplicity.

The move signifies an end to my time with the ever charming, ethereally beautiful Lauren.  We were an amazing team and it was a joy to come to work each day to take on the challenges of teaching together.

A chapter is closing so it is only fitting I stack these chairs one last time.

In September a new room brings a new co teacher and a new group of children.

Change is exciting but there is also sadness that comes with closing this door (literally and figuratively) one last time.

Onwards and upwards I suppose.


Hilary said...

A tad bittersweet but yes, change is indeed good. Good luck with your new endeavor.

Gary said...

Thanks Hilary.

Pauline said...

Crossover times, my friend calls these. It's exciting and sad, sweet and bittersweet at the same time. So many doors we open and then close in our lifetimes! looking forward to reading about your new room!

Gary said...

Ah, crossover times! Nothing really bad going on just changes being made and a shift in what has been. But it's all good and I am looking forward to the little changes. After all, I am still at the same school teaching a familiar grade and I'll have my friend Michelle there beside me. You are in a crossover time yourself aren't you?

Ms.M said...

My friend always says before there is change there is always sadness. I can feel the sadness of losing Lauren but you will have other great adventures with your new partner I'm sure. Can't wait to read about them. :)


patti said...

Life is all about change. Some come easier then others. New children and helpers will be a good change. The parents of these children are very blessed to have you as a teacher. You are very special.

Angella Lister said...

what a beautiful open airy classroom. i can feel in this how much you miss lauren, but there are good times ahead too, i know it.

i really like the crossover times idea too. Our youngest is going to college and she and I are feeling the same thing, that excited mix of anticipation and sadness to be leaving the good that has been. But there's no other way to get to the good that will be, so onward.

The kids will be lucky to have you. And so will your new partner.

Gary said...

Thanks Ms.M. It is interesting that my relationship with Lauren is changing. She visited this week for the first time and we are spending more time together outside of school. I guess if we want to see one another we'll have to! It does make me feel better knowing that she will stay in my life.

Patti - You are very special too. xo

Angella - Last night I started feeling some anxiety about losing my beautiful, open and airy classroom. One of the benefits of this room is that it has one big wall. The new room has no wall space (but it does have more closet space which was an issue). So, it's a trade off.

Thinking of you during your "crossover" time.

Arielle Bair (Becker) said...

Gary, somehow I missed this post. I wanted to say that as bittersweet as this time may be, you seem to have the right outlook. Onward and upward! You'll do great things this coming school year just as you have for the previous 9 in your old classroom. New opportunities and relationships await. I think it's nice to pay homage to your time with Lauren and your time in 201. It meant something to you, so it deserves a respect and even a little mourning. Here's to a great new year for you!

Gary said...

Arielle - The heartache is subsiding and excitement has stepped up. My thoughts these days are on room arrangement and how to "design" this new space. I am looking forward to the challenge.


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