Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fighting Back with Kindness

Samantha wrote that her superhero, Flower
Girl,  would fight bad guys with
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Words cannot express the loss, anger, helplessness, sorrow and pain brought about by the unfathomable events that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday.

As the horror was unfolding that morning I was sitting in my classroom surrounded by the happy smiles of my kindergarten students.

We were playing an alliteration game using Pam the pretty pink pig purse in a safe, cozy, welcoming environment.

It's difficult to imagine the horror that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School but it is also difficult not to think about my precious students.  The children I have the honor to teach.  The children whose parents have entrusted them to my care.  The children I have grown to love.  The children I have dedicated my life to teach.  The children I promised myself I would always respect, listen to and protect.  The children who have helped define who I am.

Life seems especially fragile at the moment.  And things don't make much sense.  But today I saw a video entitled "A Few Minutes of Perfection" and besides pushing me over the emotional edge, it helped me begin to find a way to heal.

Kindness is the way to fight back.  That makes sense to me.  And I know that when my students enter the classroom tomorrow kindness will be the order of the day.


Hilary said...

It's a lovely video, Gary.

The horror must hit much too close to home for educators, parents and grandparents of the very young. I know how very much it batters my own heart. Yours is a noble profession. Thank you for that.

Angella said...

Thank you, Gary. For the video and the work you do every day.

Gary said...

Hilary - It changes my opinion about all of our lockdown procedures and safety precautions. At one point they seemed overdone and I thought, "Enough!" but now I am grateful for them. It's terrible that this is the reality. The teachers in Sandy Hook were incredible. The stories I've read are simply heartbreaking.

Angella - :) I arrived to at beautiful classroom on Monday and hugged each child as they entered. Nobody mentioned what happened and I think they have been shielded from it (thankfully). There is time enough for growing up.

Laura said...

so beautiful... I too believe kindness is the best way... even as we work hard to make a difference, hopefully changing some laws, helping those who are suffering from brain differences, making guns less available... we must listen to each others concerns with open hearts and compassion... change will come because of kindness not anger, not more suffering, not shutting down, but reaching out.

thank you for the beautiful video...and for sharing your experience with your students. you are a blessing.

Gary said...

Hi Laura - Thank you for stopping by FYB and for sharing your thoughts. I have read a lot about the focus on acts of kindness this past week. Hopefully people are living that. I know I have been more conscious this week of the little courtesies that can brighten a day.

I look forward to rummaging around your blog this coming week.


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