Friday, December 28, 2012

The Christmas That Almost Wasn't

When I was a young Bürschchen shamelessly tooling around Long Island in my lederhosen, HBO showed The Christmas That Almost Wasn't constantly.

The infectious and annoyingly creepy theme song still worms its way into my brain every so often.

After endless repeats I started to hate that movie.

We weren't even supposed to have HBO.  At the time I was making a big fuss about going to see the movie Benji.  My dad told me we could either see Benji or get HBO.

I chose Benji.

We got HBO.

I never did get to see Benji but I did see the terrifying horror flick Beyond the Door and The Christmas That Almost Wasn't about a hundred billion times.

With all the talk of the Mayan calendar and the end of the world it seemed as though this might actually be the Christmas that almost wasn't. Thankfully, like in the movie, Christmas did come to all of us down here in Whoville!

I am also hoping that, like the movie, we are in for a change of heart and a happy ending.  Dear Shirley MacLaine believes the end of the Mayan calendar signals a shift in the collective consciousness towards a point of oneness wherein mankind begins to truly care for one another.  Wouldn't that be nice?

Either that or extra terrestrials will make themselves known.

I suppose that would bring us together too.


tut-tut said...

I remember The House Without a Christmas Tree, w/Jason Robards and a wonderful little actress who I don't think went on to act as an adult.

Gary said...

Tut-Tut - I never saw this movie but I read about it in the book Double Life: A Love Story from Broadway to Hollywood by Alan Shayne and Norman Sunshine. Alan produced the movie and discusses the artwork for the opening title sequence. This movie was so successful it inspired a number of sequels and won awards.

I still haven't seen it. My favorite Christmas movie is The Homecoming with the Waltons. I just watched it again this week.

Pauline said...

Whatever it takes, though I can't see mankind "coming together" in a cosmic way... Hope your New Year is as wonderful as you!

Gary said...

Thanks Pauline! Right back at ya!

Steve Reed said...

LOL -- yeah, I imagine some extra-terrestrials would definitely make mankind come together. Kind of like "V"!

I never saw that particular Christmas movie -- I think you've seen it enough for the both of us. I did get to see Benji, though. (I'm not gloating, I swear.)


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