Sunday, February 9, 2014

Moon Over The Brewery

"Moon Over The Brewery" by McCanney (2011)
I just finished a series of performances at The Off-Broadstreet Theater in Bruce Graham's romantic comedy Moon Over the Brewery.

I played Randolph, the imaginary friend of a precocious teenager struggling to adjust to the changes her mother's new love interest may engender.

It was a great part.  Randolph was witty, charming and a bit bitchy. I loved stepping into his fabulous Oxfords and thigh-high boots! (Click here and here to read more about the show and our production.)

I was offered the part a few days before Christmas and the timing was perfect.  By the time I returned to work after Winter Recess the bulk of our rehearsals were behind us.  We had less than three weeks from our first read-through to the end of opening weekend. The fast pace of the rehearsal period and the relatively long run--five weekends--made it all very appealing to me.

Photo: Bob Thick
What I hadn't considered was the warm embrace of the talented cast and the unwavering support from our director and theater owners.

Their enthusiasm and love for the process of helping us understand these characters made our time together immensely enjoyable.

I recently read an interview with two-time Tony Award nominated actress Alison Fraser in which she states, "It's very exciting when creative types - writers, directors, composers - say, 'Yes, your input is valuable.  Your experience and taste are valuable to me'.  And that's part of what I bring to a project.  If I were a director, the first thing I'd say to my cast is, 'I love you, and I think you're right for this show.  You're here for a reason.'"

That is exactly how I felt.



Even when I doubted myself.

Last night I spoke with our director, Kathy Garofano, about Alison's words and about the fact that before every show she would remind us to "Have fun!"

I am grateful for that.

It was nice to remember why I fell in love with performing in the first place.  And it was an honor to do it in such fine company.


Pauline said...

You teach, you write, you act - glad to see all your talents shining!

Gary said...

Pauline - It has been quite lovely to step back into performing with this show (and Big River this summer). It is a welcome distraction from academia. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. I don't want to be dull.

Anonymous said...

Good to know you continue to perform on top of your teaching duties and studies. At first glance, that photo made me think you had been cast in Sweeney Todd.

Gary said...

I think my days of singing Johanna are far behind me and Anthony is really the only role in Sweeney that I ever wanted. What a great show though.

37paddington said...

Oh how wonderful!!!! I wish I'd be aware. I'm so happy for you, having this experience to complement your teaching. I hope you keep performing. It sounds as if it deeply satisfies the place in you that wants to make art of life. Both the performing and the being among fellow artists. What you describe is how I felt among fellow creatives one charmed month at Yaddo. It feeds the soul. Love this post!

37paddington said...

*been aware

Gary said...

I hope there are other shows in my future. It is a wonderful creative outlet and it is also provides an incredible way to meet a lot of new characters (onstage and off).


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