Thursday, July 2, 2015


The anticipation of graduation glowed with gratitude.  It signaled a rite of passage, the finish line.  The ending of one challenging journey before picking up the gauntlet of yet another passionate endeavor. A time to stop, to celebrate, to look around and think, "Wow!  I did it!"

The anticipation of graduation did not include a particularly strong emotional component.  There was perhaps an intellectual representation of emotion but certainly not the raw emotion that overtakes your soul in an instant and colors everything that follows.

That moment came with the simple turn of my head as I proceeded up the center aisle towards the stage.  As pomp and circumstance played I looked to my right and caught a glimpse of my family wildly waving, arms stretched skyward.  Standing straight and tall their bodies radiated pride and happiness.  Whoosh! It hit me - this is a moment I will never forget, not ever.

As I took my seat my phone vibrated with the message, "We are so proud of you".  Simple enough but incredibly powerful.

These moments of bliss often build to a beautiful crescendo.  Mine took place when my name was called and I walked to the president of the university to receive my diploma.  As we shook hands he said, "Congratulations, Doctor".  The picture above captures the spirit of the moment.  I look at myself and see pure happiness.  How wonderful to have it documented so I can revisit that feeling in a tangible way and remember that moment filled with gratitude and emotion.


37paddington said...


Steve Reed said...

Congratulations again, Gary. It's great that your family could be there, help you make a lifelong memory AND celebrate a remarkable achievement! :)

Xpressive Handz said...

So happy for you, Gary, and thrilled your family was there to share your experience and joy.


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