Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Year 23!

Good Lord!

Today is the start of my 23rd year as a teacher.  It's thrilling and exhausting but the light has never dimmed, the passion remains. Although the NYC Department of Education didn't make life easy today.  We were given half a day to set up our rooms.

That includes moving all of my stuff from my old classroom into a new classroom, which is a lot after 22 years. It is setting up, cleaning up, cleaning out, SHAMPOOING OUR OWN RUGS (or rather the rugs I inherited, which are a filthy, stained atrocity), hauling out large pieces of unwanted furniture, contacting parents, planning for the week, and making things presentable to welcome the children tomorrow.  All without air conditioning or windows that opened on a hot city day that saw temperatures rise to above 90 degrees.

The good news is...the room is huge and I have a very big closet. Today we got the basic layout in place and in the coming days will add those special touches that say, "Magic happens here".

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