Sunday, February 3, 2008

How Do You Stay Healthy?

Our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) in conjunction with the teachers in our dual language preschool program have joined together in an effort to raise money for some of our teachers to travel to Italy to see the Reggio Emilia schools there.

One fundraising idea involves creating cards using children's artwork. Sets of cards will be sold at our school dance this coming Friday. The cards that have been created thus far are so beautiful. Each class has been encouraged to submit drawings to be scanned and folded into 3.5" x 5" cards. For whatever reason I had not taken the time to speak with our students about this and had not collected any of their fantastic artwork.

But, this past Friday our physical education teacher, Dan, asked them to draw or write about different ways they can stay healthy. Not only has he been making sure that their bodies get the exercise they need, but he has also been teaching them healthy habits. When he brought us their artwork I immediately thought they would make an amazing packet of cards with a 'Stay Healthy' theme.

Here are the things they came up with...

Jogging -

Biking -

Doing Jumping Jacks -

Lots of Weight Lifting -

And if you lift, you too can have an arm like this -

Eating healthy foods (this guy is eating an apple) -

And my FAVORITE: Jumping on a snake! -

So, if you are interested in a set of these 'Stay Healthy' cards please let me know and I will see what I can do.


Salty Miss Jill said...

These are fantastic! I love seeing your kids' drawings.
I like the guy eating an apple the best. :)

Dumdad said...

Great pictures all of them but my two fab favourites are the biking and the blue weightlifter.

P.S. I've explained the oyster joke in my comments.

WAT said...

HAHA! These kid drawings always make me laugh. They so innocently come up with some funny stuff, and they don't even realize it.

Um, I don't know if I want my arm to look exactly like that, and that snake looks more like a strange duck.


Scot said...

You're kids are so cool. Sorry you didn't get in invite for Saturday, but Hollywood seemd a bit of a treck. Next time. And if you ever happen to come to the LA area, I'll throw a bash just for you.

J. David Zacko-Smith said...

My favorite is the guy with the BIG arms. ;-)

Hey - thanks for your comments on my dissertation. I'd be happy to send you the whole thing (I have it on 7 PDF files), or you can read my article here:

Anonymous said...

these are amazing-- I love the jping jacks one!

Anonymous said...

Really good. Have you thought about cafe press? Sorry I don't have the link but Google it. You may be able to raise some money. Just a thought.

Joy Keaton said...

I love jumping on a snake, it's a little-known cardio-vascular workout. The terror of being bitten REALLY gets your heart rate up! Plus the drawing looks like something I've seen at MoMA. :)

Can you use Donor's Choose for raising money for this?

Arielle said...

Jumping on a snake is definitely my favorite. Definitely the most creative way to stay healthy. Haha. Love it!

la bellina mammina said...

Oh I love the stay healthy cards!!!! What about yoga - can someone draw me a yoga card;-), I do yoga to stay healthy!

Steve said...

Ha! Those are GREAT! I would totally love a set...

kimy said...

excellent idea!

speaking of excellent something is for you at the mouse! EEK!

hey, much thanks! rec'd your note!

Pod said...

har har! love the guy with the great big arm. hope all is well gazza. i shall attempt to be more attentive....

Gary said...

Hi all - Thanks for sharing your favorites and for your comments.

Joy - LOL.

Bella - Yoga is great. I'll see if anyone wants to draw one and let you know.

Steve - The cards are $2.00 each or 6 for $10.00 (this is a fundraising thing) and if you really want a set email or call me and we'll work out a way for me to get them to you.

Poddy - I have missed you and your podisms. Hope things are well.

Randy said...

its funny that you wrote about staying healthy because i recently just started working out again


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