Saturday, October 2, 2010

s'all good

That's me!

I am either very small or that is one giant flower.

I love the beginning of kindergarten.  It is a time when children are bursting with creativity in their drawings, art and writing.  They unabashedly express themselves as they make sense of the world around them.

In the morning a smiling child extends an arm saying"Here I made this for you".  In her hand are torn bits of paper containing images of you.  Or her family.  Or some design that caught her fancy.

During the day we are handed more slips of paper.

"That's you!"

I look for my expression and think "Good, I'm smiling".

And I am.

So is Lauren.  Here we are holding hands surrounded by butterflies and flowers.

We are 16 days into the school year and I couldn't be happier.  The children are brilliant.  Sensitive, caring, energetic, smiling, sometimes cranky, tenacious, giving, kind and eager to learn.  Their parents are likewise brilliant.

We had an open school night on September 22 where we (parents and teachers) all met one another.  We shared our hopes and dreams for the children and mapped out our plan to support one another in this journey.

S'all good indeed!


Barbara said...

I was always so in awe of my children's teachers. I'm sure that's how those parents feel about the two of you. It must feel like re-establishing your family at the beginning of each school year. It does sound like you are off to a good start!

Maybe you need a keyboard in your classroom so you can show off your soon-to-be-acquired piano skills!

Steve Reed said...

That second kid is quite the fashion designer! Project Runway, anyone?

Pauline said...

I love little kids' drawings - they're so telling. You look quiet dashing in that second picture! Even in second grade I am handed drawings every day. We have a small fridge in the room, and magnets, so the drawings go there for a bit. And hugs! When people ask me why I like what I do, I say I do it for the hugs!

Gary said...

Pauline - The children are so exuberant t in their hugs. I always pleasantly laugh at how happy they are to see me, even if I have spend the whole day with them. There are lots of hugs and lots of drawings. I am happy to know that second graders are just as prolific.

Steve - The triangle dress is sure to be a hit during fashion week.

Barbara - I am sure that you were one of the parents that teachers were in awe of my dear. It is best when there is mutual admiration and respect. And it does feel like I am re-establishing family each year. Although, I am so happy with this group I am thinking of looping with them (staying with them in first grade as well). We'll see what develops.

Betsy said...

I always enjoy hearing how your little students love you. The drawings are adorable, too.

Gary said...

Thanks Betsy. There is a lot of love going around.

Lorenzo said...

The spirit you bring to your work with the schoolchildren is so rich and inspiring, Gary. It buoys my hopes for education. You seem to try to "follow your bliss" by connecting with and delving into the hearts of the little ones. I don't know if we will every truly find bliss, but sometimes when I read your blog I do believe that we are hot on its tail! ;)

lettuce said...


lovely post

that flower looks as though it might be strumming a banjo

Gary said...

Lorenzo - Wow, you are very kind. Thank you.

Letty - It does, doesn't it.


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