Saturday, March 31, 2012

Celebrating Our Solar System

What kinds of songs do planets sing?


What did Saturn say to Jupiter?

"Don't call, I'll give you a ring."

This was how I had hoped to start our writing celebration on Friday but somehow I forgot to open with the jokes and got right down to business.

Too bad because we had quite a stellar audience!

Moms, dads, aunts, brothers, sisters and friends showed up to support my enthusiastic writers as they shared their nonfiction books.

We did open with a short presentation detailing the writing process and the steps we followed to arrive at this point.

It was standing room only as folks orbited around the planet books to listen to my young authors read and answer questions. This little band of first graders amassed an impressive store of knowledge on the topic.

It all started with one student whose passion for space proved contagious. The next thing we knew, we all found ourselves taking a field trip to the moon!

It was a great adventure and I congratulate each student for creating a one-of-a-kind book.  And a suntacular beam of thanks to the parents for the delicious space-themed goodies!


Ms.M said...

Sounds fantastic! The jokes were great, maybe you can just share them with the kids at another time.

Ms. M

Gary said...

The kids actually told me those jokes! They read them in one of our planet-themed books. Thank goodness for the blog because at least I was able to share them. I love me some Dixie Cup humor.

Pauline said...

The jokes were quite good. I wondered if the kids thought them up.

No better time to start kids writing than when they're young - the second graders I work with are already resisting!

booksRule said...

They were from the Simms Taback book of riddles! Very funny! I always tell the Nep-tunes joke! You should link to Scribble Press, too, Gary! Their books were amazing!


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