Thursday, March 8, 2012

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

I love this picture!

It incorporates the divergent aspects of our curriculum in one simple tableau.

There is the deadly "skeleton with spear" from the movie Jason and the Argonauts representing our study of Greek Mythology.

There is the "moon rock" a little girl found at the playground last week and brought to school to share because we have been conducting an in-depth study of the Solar System (and the kids are AMAZINGLY brilliant!)

And finally there are the Three Little Pigs.  What respectable first grade class would be complete without a bit of "Once Upon a Time" and "Happily Ever After"?

But perhaps the reason I love this picture most is because of the attention the students give to rearranging these objects throughout the day.  I'll find them grabbing a minute or two here and there to make the pigs run away in different directions or have them attacking the skeleton or lying dead beneath the spear.

It's the little things...


Ms.M said...

Very cute. Thanks for sharing. I've had a trying day today with my students. I think it was me, not them, but I did have to stop myself and take a few deep breaths. It must have been the 27 stick glues we have gone through in 2 months, because they have been a bit too wasteful, was a bit too much for me. Anyway, stories like this remind me of why I go back each day, and start over. Thanks.

Ms. M
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Steve Reed said...

When you posted this pic to Facebook I didn't quite get it, but now I do. I love how kids can become so fascinated with a couple of objects and build a complex story with them!

Gary said...

Ms. M. - Glue sticks always go quickly. I doubt there is an early elementary teacher who doesn't feel your pain. There really isn't very much glue there anyway. We go through a ton as well. Ask the parents to send in some so you don't have to stress about it. Happy, happy!

Steve - I remember that I would play for hours just with my shoes and a bit of cloth. Oh, the stories I created! Can you imagine doing that now? People would think I lost my mind.

Ms.M said...

Unfortunately our district frowns on us asing the parents to donate anything. We don't even have the kids bring their own supplies. We get $225.00 to spend on supplies a year and are supposed to provide everything for the kids. Even if I could ask I don't know if I would. My school is a Title 1 school and my kids are pretty poor.

I will make them start using the bottle glue and live with the mess. :/

Btw, so agree with your previous comment to Steve.

Ms. M

Gary said...

Good point, Ms. M. I have students who would not be able to share this burden as well and I wouldn't think of asking. Our population is mixed-in so many ways, including SES-so I do have some families who can provide supplies. Always something to be mindful of certainly.

Anonymous said...



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