Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tips From My Mom #15

Life can be tough!

No, that isn't the tip.  The tip has to do with how we roll with the punches when they come left, right and below the belt.

It is in the difficult times that we are most vulnerable and open to making destructive choices that will dull the pain.  And eventually those actions cause added distress and guilt.

My mom taught me to avoid that nonsense by staring down the demons life presents with a fierce determination and belief that things always get better. We may not have control over life's ups and downs but it is within our power to decide how we choose to respond (at least to a certain extent).

On the flip side of grief, worry and doubt is joy, peace and blessed assurance.

Mom also taught me humble appreciation for when life is the proverbial bowl of cherries.

And this week was one for giving thanks. And for showing appreciation. Along with the good news from The International Reading Association I was handed a bunch of notes by my first grade students.  One read "We are good kids and our teacher is COOL!"  Another, "Gary, you are the best!"

Most were of this ilk but one--written on the front and back of a strip of paper--stood out...

No, this student did not repeat a grade.  I looped with her class from kindergarten to first grade. 
Here's to moments of peaceful appreciation within the temptations and distractions that life throws up around us and to discovering "the immovable center within".


Gloria C. said...

Gary, as I've told you before, You ROCK!!! And now, so does your Mom. Life has a way of constantly throwing obstacles in our path, but I know it's how you handle those obstacles, that make you a greater person. I intend to just roll with the punches and always see the brighter side to it, I'm a survivor :-) And I love your Mom, for giving such great advice. She's raised a fantastic son...

Gary said...

Gloria - I imagine your children could have authored a very similiar post about you and the life example you have set. You have certainly been dealt some heavy blows and remain optimistic and full of beauty. Your outlook must be an inspiration to your children.

I called my mom and told her she ROCKS! She giggled and said she needs to get on here to read the post. She never knows when they are coming. I love documenting things she says and does. She is an amazing woman, like you! xo

Ms.M said...

How touching, almost brought a tear to my eye. Had to pull it together. I am about to pick up my students now.

I've said it before and I will say it again, I adore reading your stories.

Ms. M

Angella Lister said...

Gary, how wise your mom is to have consciously taught you that lesson right from the get go. Most of us learn it by trial and error (and more error). Thanks for making this conscious for me. I will now go and try to make it conscious for my children.

Bless you and bless your mom.

And that note, the word "Honer" just about undid me. Beautiful.

Unknown said...

A, B, C
Accept... your feeling
Choose...your response
It took me to 46 years old to learn that!
Lucky you, you have always known.
Cool Marm!

Gary said...

Ms. M. - You are so kind. It is appreciated (and ADORE is my favorite word).

Angella - The interesting thing is that my mom--although full of powerful life lessons that manifest both in word and deed--sometimes doesn't even realize that she is helping me navigate through life through her example. So these posts are a bit of a thank you to her for her incredible love and strength as well as for her "human-ness" that allows me to see that she may stumble or struggle but working towards happiness is never a wasted effort. She is a gift.

And bless you and your children! xo

Anita - I like those ABCs. I don't know if I have always known that but it seems to be part of me now. As for not realizing it until 46? Better late than never, right?

Ms.M said...

It is one of my favorites too. :) It just sounds so pretty and nice.

Ms. M


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