Saturday, May 5, 2012


It seems it was a difficult week for everyone.

Perhaps it was the dreary weather?  Allergies?  The impending full moon?

Whatever the uncontrollable forces were that brought about a feeling of discord, it's good to know that we are in control of how we deal with such nonsense.

And I got a lesson in that yesterday when a student handed me this note.

This note impressed me for several reasons.  First of all because it shows that she understands the power of the written word to express thoughts and communicate a message. Also because she did this on her own.  We have been discussing her "grumpyness" this week and I have been supportive in helping her understand that sometimes we all have bad days (or weeks) and we can help one another meet those challenges.

Parents and teachers always try to be clear about separating the child's negative behavior from the child as a whole. We never say a child is bad. Instead we focus on what they did--he hit someone or she threw something--and delve into why that behavior is unacceptable.  We try to give children a way to cope with these feelings in more appropriate ways.

This note let me know that such strategies work.

Maybe it wasn't such a bad week after all.


Pauline said...

Well now, that left me less grumpy, too! What I will miss most when I retire (28 days!) will be the kids and the way they see things.

Gary said...

Pauline - 28 days! This is an exciting time for you. Luckily, you will have your grandkids to keep you on track.

Ms.M said...

How wonderful that you got to see all the work and effort you have bee putting in to this student in action. Most of the time I feel like we, as teachers of the very young, don't get to see these skills in action.

Ms. M

Steve Reed said...

Awww! It's great to know your kids are listening and paying attention.

Gary said...

Ms. M. - I agree. And I have noticed a big difference between kindergarten and first grade. In kindergarten children rarely write notes, it's all about pictures, and I found I missed that last year. First grade is great for the explosion of writing and the little notes and cards kids make. They are very touching.

Steve - It is very satisfying. Lately I notice it when they say things during a read aloud like, "I have a connection" and "I want to add on to what she said" or "I have a prediction". I love that stuff!

WAT said...

That's sweet.


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