Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Owen Tales: Strollin' with Little Baby Owen

I have such clever, clever friends. 

First, Adam Stone teamed with Lauren Ridloff to create the charming iBook Pointy Three in English and American Sign Language (ASL).  

And today my friend (and former principal) Rebecca Marshall announced that after years in development the first iBook in the Owen Tales series Strollin' with Little Baby Owen went "live"!  

This is a fun, truly interactive book that includes audio/read aloud in Spoken English, video read aloud in American Sign Language (beautifully executed by Lauren), engaging photographs with "hidden" messages, a picture glossary, puzzles, games and live updates on adorable Owen's shenanigans!  

The design ensures that a wide array of readers are supported in their learning while having a good time.  It's learning that sneaks up on you whether you are a child listening to the silky tones of the audio track or watching Lauren sign, an advanced reader focusing on the written text or a parent/family member learning ASL to communicate with a baby.  

I am also thrilled to note that Cal, my Saint Bernard, makes a cameo appearance in Strollin' with Little Baby Owen!  

See...clever, clever, clever!


Ms.M said...

I don't have any iBooks. I am going to have to look these up.


Gary said...

The iBooks technology is amazing and as time goes on I am sure it will be easier to enjoy the full scope of these books. At the moment they are available to a limited audience because of the system requirements. You can only view the iBooks I recommended here if you use iBooks 2 on an iPad (iO S 5 is required).

If you have the capability and check out the books let me know what you think.

Barbara said...

Cal is simply adorable. I wish you lived closer by and I could dog sit for you!

The Owen series seems like it is breaking new ground. It's so great to pull all these modalities together.


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