Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Man to Superman

From Man to Superman! - What makes a hero?

Riddle me this young champion...

What are the qualities of a hero?
Are heroes always heroic?
How can you be a good citizen in the classroom/at home?
How do your actions affect others?
Who is your hero?

These are some of the questions our kindergarten children will be exploring when the happy days of summer have become but a distant memory.

Our school has charged us with creating a themed social studies unit--incorporating all aspects of the curriculum--entitled Citizenship, Values and Freedom through a 9/11 Lens.

The challenge is a bit daunting, a little inappropriate and a possible train wreck for a group of four-and-five-year-old children who haven't learned the evil ways of our world just yet. And why push it?  They'll learn soon enough.

However, this is the task set before your intrepid kindergarten teachers and I am happy to announce that we have found a way to teach Citizenship, Values and Freedom through a 9/11 Lens courtesy of Superman, Batman, Captain America, Spiderman, Wonder Woman and the assorted bevy of altruistic superheroes.

Children seem naturally motivated to explore acts of courage and a sense of right/wrong through enthusiastic play, detailed drawings and intensely passionate conversations.  Our intention is to tap into this font of existing interest and curiosity to make connections to the way citizens worked together to help one another during the events of 9/11.  Community workers and ordinary citizens acted heroically by helping one another.

It is through these acts of kindness and bravery that we can explore the questions above in an age appropriate manner while covering the objectives of citizenship outlined in the NYS Social Studies Core Curriculum.

It'll be interesting to see who the children choose as their heroes (Mom?, Dad?, big brother or sister?, teacher?) and to learn the reasons behind their selections.

Wish us luck!


Ms.M said...

Great idea. You know Superman and other heroes have been a way to talk about difficult cultural issues since they started. Superman fought Hitler at one point... I think. Anyway I think it is great. Can't wait to see how it turns out.


Gary said...

I just watched the Captain America movie and he battles Nazis. Wouldn't it be cool if we had superheroes? We already have enough bad guys.

Ms.M said...

Superheroes would be super cool. :)



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