Monday, August 20, 2012

Friday Folders

Friday Folders are evidently a thing!

Who knew?

I certainly never heard of Friday Folders before Michelle, my new co-teacher, told me about them today during our long distance planning session for the upcoming school year (which begins in two weeks).

She remembers them fondly from her own school days and suggested we incorporate them into our kindergarten routine.  Every Friday we intend to communicate with parents using these folders.  The purpose is to provide specific information to allow interested moms and dads to construct a portrait of their child's academic, social and/or emotional development at school during the past week.  

The parents will then respond with their opinions, concerns, questions and comments over the weekend and return the folders to us on Monday morning.  The folders provide a way to ensure open communication between the school and home environments.

Meet Michelle, my
new co-teacher
I think it is a great idea and I am sure just one of many additions to my modus operandi that Michelle will contribute as we enter into our new partnership.

Although I embrace working with Michelle, I haven't totally loosened my grip on Lauren who worked alongside me for nine years. Lauren is ever gracious in providing feedback and resources as I prepare for another exciting school year.

I can't help but feel like a lucky guy. Take a look at Michelle (pictured). Take a look at Lauren.  They are both as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.  And smart, kind, charming and funny too.

I'm sure I'll be writing a lot more about Michelle throughout the year.

Consider yourself introduced.


Z OHora said...

Hey Gary,

Thanks for the kind words on Bernard and for the link. I would love to come up and read to your class sometime. I'm usually in New York once a month or so, perhaps we can get something on the calendar.


Michelle Mayhood said...

Thank you for the introduction, Gary! I am so excited for this year!! You are a fabulous teacher and I know that I will learn so much from you!


Gary said...

Z - I really love this book! Your artwork for this book is incredible - so friendly, welcoming and fun. I am already a huge fan. it would be amazing if you could visit our school, we have had some sensational authors/illustrators visit over the years. Thanks for stopping by the blog. I'll shoot you an email.

Michelle - I KNOW! I am pretty psyched to teach with you too. It's going to be a banner year!

Arielle Lee Bair said...

Can't wait to hear more about Michelle. :-) I think Friday Folders is an awesome idea. It's a great way to get parents involved and keep them involved.

Arielle Lee Bair said...

Also - this is complete off-topic, but I just browsed your blogger profile and noticed that under "favorite music" you listed Amy Grant and Vince Gill (among other stellar folks) - they are 2 of my very favorites too, so I just wanted to say so since I never knew you liked them too! :-)

Gary said...

Arielle - I went through a stage where all I listened to (in addition to Linda Ronstadt of course) was Amy Grant and many years later I became addicted to Vince Gill. And then they married! Her song "Like I Love You" and his CD "Pocket Full of Gold" (among others) are still in heavy rotation. Which speak to you?

Poor Michelle, she probably didn't realize she was signing up to be featured on my blog but she is a good sport. I'm sure I'll be talking about her a bunch.

Angella said...

I know how great your partnership with Lauren was so I'm really thrilled for you that it seems lightening does strike twice. Love the Friday folders idea!

Gary said...

Angella - I worked with someone I adored for two years before I was paired with Lauren. And Lauren was a dream. I was lucky twice. Well, make that thrice! I think Michelle and I will have a happy marriage.

Michelle Mayhood said...

Gary, I love your blog and I am happy to be part of it! Thank you for including me! Here is to an AMAZING year!!!! Cheers!

Michelle Mayhood said...

Gary, I love your blog and I am happy to be part of it! Thank you for including me! Here is to an AMAZING year!!!! Cheers!


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