Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Blimey the Leprechaun broke into our classroom on St. Patrick's Day and made a huge mess!

He even left a taunting note for the children to read.

They were not amused!

Upon seeing the destruction one exasperated little girl moaned with dramatic flair, "HE RUINED MY ENTIRE LIFE!"

She also suggested we behead him or pull him by the hair...a wee bit imaginative I suppose, but putting the room back together did take quite a while.

We asked the children what we should do.  There were many suggestions that involved setting a trap to catch Blimey in the act of being naughty.  So, they split up into small groups to construct a plan and execute the trap.

We were certainly impressed with their creativity!

"I will get you for this!"
One group suggested making a mock food table to tempt Blimey into the area so he would slip on pieces of colored construction paper. That would result in him tripping over the trigger line holding an overhead blanket and violá.  We got him!

There were many creative ideas but the one Blimey fell for was the trap above the rocking chair. He couldn't resist sitting there with a book and when he did...BAM!

Blimey did learn his lesson.  He wrote a letter of apology and left a few gifts for the children who instantly forgave him.  The enraged little girl from the morning went to Oni and quietly said, "I miss him. He was fun."


This post was written in conjunction with Onudeah (Oni) Nicolarakis, my team teacher extraordinaire!

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