Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Step on a Crack

My mom suffered two compression fractures to her lower back recently due to osteoporosis, hard work and aging.

This woman who never sits still has become a bit more deliberate and conservative with her movements but her indomitable spirit remains intact.

Still, we are all a little freaked out by the realities of growing older and the fragility of life.

Thank goodness schools were closed for spring break last week. The worry, coupled with my active imagination, got the best of me and after a night of distressing dreams I woke up determined to see my parents.  I quickly packed a bag and hopped in my car for the 16-hour drive south.

The two day visit did much to alleviate my immediate concerns and lift spirits.  Now the healing -- of mind, body and spirit -- begins. For the next 8 weeks she needs to wear an uncomfortable back brace which, so far,  seems to be causing more pain than comfort.

From now on I will watch carefully before I step!


37paddington said...

Glad you went to see them. You are such a good son. Watching our parents age is probably the hardest thing. Hope your mom recovers as quickly as is possible. xo

Gary said...

Thank you! It is difficult. I know you have dealt with this as well and appreciate your good wishes.

Xpressive Handz said...

Sending healing thoughts to your mother. What a good son you are, Gary!

Gary said...

Thank you. It's easy to be a good son when the parents are so incredible.


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