Wednesday, March 16, 2016

American Sign Language and English Storybook Fundraiser

                                                         Photo Credit: Nina Wurtzel Photography

An American Sign Language and English illustrated print & e-book is in the works and we need your help.  An INDIEGOGO fundraising campaign is underway with lots of perks for showing your support, including your name in the book as a special thank you (the deadline for this is April 1, 2016).

The stories were created in a collaborative storytelling workshop with first, second and third graders from PS347 The American Sign Language and English Lower School and Our Voices.  For three days teaching artists, performers, documentarians and teachers worked together to ignite students' imaginations, to validate their creativity and to show them, through action, how much their ideas matter.

The free workshop was only the first of three components of the collaboration.  The second is the creation an original piece - inspired by the students' stories - to be performed on the High Line in NYC on April 23rd.  The third is to create both a companion print book and e-book (with ASL embedded in the storytelling), filled with student stories illustrated by professional theater designers and Deaf artists.

Our hope is students will see how a seed of an idea can grow into something magnificent, take on multiple forms and return home richer for the experience of collaboration.

Thank you for reading and for your consideration.  Your support is greatly appreciated.


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