Saturday, April 4, 2009

Flip Video

Introducing Flip Video!

Have you heard about this product?

It is a tiny digital camcorder with a 'signature flip-out USB arm' that allows you to take pristine video with surprising ease.

Simply capture a moment and easily transfer it to any computer. No cords, no wires, no fuss.  


The technology is getting better all the time.

This product is new to me as well.  Lauren has one that she has been using and I saw that our school just got a delivery of several more.  

I find the idea of these little gems especially intriguing at the moment because I am currently videotaping my students as they read.  Over the years I have come to realize that doing a running record and miscue analysis with Deaf or hard of hearing students becomes easier if you can videotape it and analyze it at a later sitting.  

The Flip Video recorders are changing the landscape.  Now teachers can tap into new areas of documentation.  We can easily record and share daily happening, trips, reading and writing celebrations, use it as a teaching tool to show our students how they read or interact, improve our own practices through self reflection by watching ourselves at work and honor our students in countless unique ways.

I can't wait to experiment with it.  

As my nephew Randy would say "Yippee Skippie!"


Lynda said...

The Flip Video is amazing. Sure beats the old video cameras that were heavy and bulky. I agree with Randy "Yippee Skippie!"

Also, noticed our list of new children's books!

Have a Wonderful Night!

Lots of Love,


lettuce said...

wow that is amazing.
love technology!

btw, gary, 3 posts in 3 days? how will i keep up?

Gary said...

Lynda - Thanks for coming with me yesterday to explore the new children's books at Barnes & Noble (and for writing down all of the titles that inspired me).

It was fun!

I think I need to keep changing the titles on my sidebar to keep things interesting. Luckily, there is no shortage of good children's literature these days.

Letty - After having little love for the blog the past few weeks I am newly inspired. My plan is to post more often but keep the posts shorter. In the past I have tried to sculpt every post to perfection which took WAY too much time but trimming them to fewer words may make posting more mangagble.

I also want to include more resources & ideas for teachers as well as sharing my experiences and thoughts.

I do hope you can keep up :) And as always I thank you for your comments, feedback and input. xo

WAT said...

Hey, thanks for the FLIP recommendation. It sounds like a cool product I may just check out myself, since I'm overdue for a camcorder of sorts.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

wow, if this is as good as it sounds I have to get the dept that I am doing some work for to order one of these .....I have been charged to make a video of our house call program and this unobtrusive gadget sounds is the sound?

Gary said...

Wat - The great thing about them is that you can zoom in and out while recording. My small camera which takes amazing pics and video does not allow for any zooming while taping. That is a drawback.

Kimy -Funny you should mention that because I have only seen video of folks signing. :) But the background noises came through very clear so I would give it a thumbs up.


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