Monday, April 13, 2009

Online Resources

Teacher share.

Teachers share a lot!

In the spirit of sharing I would like to pass along some of the fantastic, helpful websites that others have shared with me.

For starters, our school's library website is chock full of incredible activities. Once you have clicked over to the homepage look the Free and Recommended Software Downloads for PreK-6 header for Tux Type - Learn to Type. It reminds me of the old Atari Space Invaders game only here a penguin is trying to type his way to either catch fish or shoot down aliens. I must admit that it is fun, even for a grown man. There are many fun, educational links on this page so if you have the time go exploring.

For games, coloring pages, videos and more with popular children's book characters visit  I'll give a special shout out to the Curious George Pogo-A-GoGo game! Children develop computer skills, such as using a mouse, without any stress.


Between the Lions for books you can read along with and tips for parents.

There are many websites that allow you to print off traceable letter pages to give young ones a chance at handwriting practice. This link allows you to create your own sheets. 

For a multitude of other nifty activities check here, here and here.

The one I use the most however is Starfall. They have lots of activities for students at varying readiness levels AND they have a Greek Myths section under the I'm Reading header!

The final website I'll offer up is called Reading A-Z.  This is one that requires a fee.  I have not used it that often but I know many, many teachers who L-O-V-E it.

If you have any other please pass them along.

Thanks to Cheritha, Dawn, Sara, Mark and Rani for your contributions.


Barbara said...

What a great collection of resources. I will pass these along to those who volunteer in my reading program.


lettuce said...

gary I am so impressed you are still managing to post every day
i hope you're having a really good rest

I'm back to work today, end of our easter break

Gary said...

Barbara - Thanks. I was hoping they would be of use to others.

Letty - Yes, I have the time right now to post. It looks as though I will best my 'most posts in a month' record of 14 by the end of April. That said, time will be getting tighter soon as spring break will be coming to an end. I still have quite a bit of school work to do before that happens.

Hope you are enjoying getting back into it today.

WAT said...

My website man! MY BLOG IS TOTALLY FOR THE KIDS! No. Wait. NO. FORGET THAT. HELL NO. For the adults with childish minds perhaps. AHAHAHAH!

Listen, the web is a miracle of epic proportions! The fact that educators and the kiddies alike have this tremendous resource nowadays is astonishing! We didn't have this in my day, and although I make myself sound old, I really do feel this way when comparing myself to today's youth and all the good stuff they have access to!

Mind you, there's also all that filthy porno to deal with as well, but that's another topic. Hmmm...

Saralibrarian said...

There are also some AWESOME sites at am enjoying One More Story for authentic, wonderful kid lit reading. For a mere $100/yr our school gets some great interactive online books....username: ps347 password: read347.

We have an acct for Raz-Kids..did you know that, Gary? Jenny and Irene use it alot...and I think your kids would like it... There are "leveled" books in the virtual library and there are comprehension quizzes attached. Another type of reading, Dick and Jane approach, but enjoyable for kids.


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